[MUSIC] One of our favorite laptops has been just ever so slightly updated. I'm Dan Ackerman, and this is the 2015 edition of Apple's 15 inch MacBook Pro. Now, this looks and feels [UNKNOWN]. A lot like last year's 15 inch MacBook Pro, and that's because it's essentially the same system. It's gotten a few minor tweaks, fewer tweaks actually than the MacBook Air's have gotten in 2015, or even the 13 inch MacBook Pro. We do get the new [UNKNOWN] such trackpad. That is a trackpad that is actually a flat piece of glass that's on four centers Doesn't have that sort of diving board click down mechanism anymore. What it has is a series of little [UNKNOWN] feedback sensors underneath it. So when you click on it, it gives you a little job. It feels like you're clicking down, although you're really not. It's actually uncanny. And if you press down harder, you actually get two levels of click. You also get faster Flash storage drive in here. You don't have to move a lot of files back and forth. Certainly that could be helpful. We didn't know that there's a huge difference in our benchmark test. One thing that you don't get, however, that other new 2015 MacBooks, new models and updated ones, have gotten, is Intel's broadwell generation processors that's the fifth generation of the CoreI3, CoreI5, CoreI7 processors. This guy keeps last year's core I7, still plenty fast enough. Frankly, performance wise you're not gonna notice a big difference. You do lose out, I think, probably on some potential battery life gains. Apple says that this model, due to some new tricks with the battery chemistry, should run a bit longer than last year's similar comparable model. We found that this thing ran for about nine hours. Pretty much the same as last year's 15 inch Mac Book Pro. This is both the largest and most powerful laptop that Apple makes right now especially since the much beloved 17 inch version of the Mac Book Pro has been discontinued. For many years. And, of course, you get that super high resolution, what Apple calls the Retina screen and lots of ports and connections, even though it is very slim for a 15 inch laptop. You also get in the higher end model we have here a new graphics card, the AMD Radeon R9 M370X, which was decent at 3D gaming. Certainly not as fast as a true dedicated gaming laptop will be, but on a Mac, your gaming options are pretty limited anyway. Without that, this guy starts at 1999. And this updated version, with a graphics card is 2499. I'm Ben Ackerman, and that is Apple's 15 inch MacBook Pro.