If you only have $150 to spend, you won't find many tablets better than the Amazon Fire HD 8. My favorite thing about it is Amazon's new operating system. If you're a Prime member, you get easy access to all the free TV shows, movies, music and games that comes with your membership. All of the content is conveniently separated into their proper category. In addition to showing you what's in your library, you'll also get personalized recommendations on new things Amazon thinks you might like. The best part about this is you can download all of them to enjoy offline. There's a micro SD card slot that's expandable up to 128 gigabytes, and that's plenty of storage for downloading multiple music playlists. A few HD movies and then some. The Amazon Fire HD8 isn't without its faults. Performance wise, if you're downloading anything games can be slow to load and the plasticky design reminds me of a kid's toy. But for only $150, you can't expect too much out of the tablet. For more details, check out the full review. For CNET, I'm Xiomara Blanco and this has been a first look at the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet.