Amazon has a new way for Alexa to play with your kids. The smart assistant now has a kid-friendly mode. There's also new kid content and Amazon's even selling a special kid version of the Echo Dot. So there are few layers to what Amazon's doing here but to put it simply, if you already have an Echo speaker You can have it be more kid-friendly for free by adding a feature called FreeTime. There are parental controls to lock it off when it's time to stop playing. All done for now, we can play again later. It also has tighter data privacy protections, and Alexa is designed to talk to kids differently. For example, if it hears the word please, it will respond with thanks for asking so nicely. Or it'll wake you up with cutesy talk about how it's time to eat something that's yummy in your tummy. It also is packed with more cheesy dad jokes. Alexa, tell me a dinosaur joke. Alexa, play Weird but True. Let's play. You can take it a step further by adding extra kids content to the echo. It's gonna cost an extra $3 a month for prime members and as access to children's audio books, custom radio stations and playlist, and special skills for interactive Disney stories and Nickelodeon game. Games and kids can also set wakeup alarms, featuring voices from their favorite Disney or Nickelodeon characters. But if you want it all in a nice little package there is a new Echo Dot, kids edition now that's gonna cost $80, it's about 30 bucks more than the normal Echo Dot because this comes with a colorful rubber protective bumper and two year warranty. So if your kid throws it down the stairs, well, no questions asked, it will be replaced. I know this is similar to what Amazon does for its kid version of the tablet. It also comes with a year of access to all that extra kids' content and games that I talked about Kids already talk to their family Echos. So what do you think of Amazon's new featured focus on kids? Sound off in the comments. I'm Bridget Carey and you can find more details on the Echo Dot kids edition at