Hey Alexa, microwave three ounces of popcorn. > > Starting popcorn. Two minutes thirty one seconds. [MUSIC] > > This is the amazon basics microwave. It's one of the first products to use Amazon's new Alexa connect kit, a sort of Alexa in a box package for device makers. So all of that is important, but what matters to most of us is yes, the Alexa integration but also the fact that otherwise this is also just a typical microwave. It's a compact 700 watt model that costs about $60 so it makes it relatively easy to just kind of try out. You'll need to own an Alexa speaker in order to use voice commands with the Amazon Basics microwave. There's no speaker built in. Once you navigated the simple process you can say things like Alexa. Defrost 8 ounces of peas. Defrosting peasr, four minutes, 36 seconds. >. It's all intuitive enough and even though you still need to stand in front of the microwave to open the door and put your food in, simply saying a voice command to cook you food feels sufficiently convienient to justify the Alexa integration. There are a few frays, and quirks and limitations. You can say microwave three potatoes, but it won't do four. Amazon also offers a popcorn replenishment service. Sign up through the Alexa app, and Amazon will track how often you use the microwave's automatic popcorn feature to keep track of your inventory, and then automatically send you more once it senses you're running low. Now the limitations for this microwave are mostly due to its size. Remember, it only costs 60 bucks. At 700 watts, and 0.7 cubic feet, it's really best for a college dorm room, or a small apartment setting. Definitely not for a family of four. There's nothing wrong with a smaller, lower wattage microwave. If you know what you're getting into, and you can figure out its quirks, you'll be able to use it effectively after some initial trial and error. My one frustration is that the presets don't always work as expected. It can make one baked potato, no problem, but when I asked Alexa to cook three of them, the results were underdone. Now, ultimately, I wouldn't buy this Amazon Basics Microwave for my family of four, but I might consider it in a comparably priced larger model. Alexa adds some nice features without getting in the way. It might not totally transform your kitchen, but the cost of entry is low enough that it's easy enough to take the plunge, provided you already own an Alexa speaker. [MUSIC]