So today we're also bringing out the Alexa wall clock. There's actually one hanging on the wall over there. Yeah, it's a wall clock. And this is really one of my favorites actually because I told you last year, one of my favorite features of Alexa is actually timers and alarms. I use them for everything in my house. And when we added name timers it became that much more efficient for us. And so we thought as a great companion device that we could take what I use as an example of another really great ambient device, the wall clock. It's ambient user interface, it works just as well for anybody who walks in the room, it's very easy to understand, not a long learning curve. And can we improve it just a little bit? So, let me give you an example of what that looks like. [BLANK_AUDIO] And I'll just use timers as kind of my example right here. Alexa, set a pasta timer for ten minutes. Pasta timer, ten minutes, starting now. I hope, there it goes. So you can see a little LED shows up. Tells me where the timer is. The numbers will go away. I can add multiple timers for sure here. Alexa, set a homework timer for 40 minutes. Homework timer, 40 minutes starting now. The most popular timer at my house right now, by the way. Very good feature. And you can see we'll go ahead and sync over, and go ahead and do this 40 minute timer, and to see what happens when it counts down. I can go ahead and show you. Alexa, set a timer for 15 seconds. Third timer, 15 seconds starting now The other side benefit of having a connected clock is you never have to worry about daylight savings time, there's a little motor in here, Alexa tells the clock when to motate forward an hour and back an hour, so you get an analog clock with a extra little convenience. Fourth timer, two hours, starting now. And now, you can see it all comes up, as we do this Alexa, cancel timer. Alexa, cancel all timers. Cancelling all your timers. So, we'll be shipping the Alexa echo wall clock later this year.