[MUSIC] As one of the first ever in-home delivery services, Amazon Key has a lot of privacy concerns. [UNKNOWN] To overcome. But the $290 Amazon key-home kit, the smartlock, and security camera, you have to buy to use the service. Make it much less creepy because you can keep an eye on whoever is dropping off your packages. Plus, it works really well. install the kit yourself Or have a professional do it for you. Then log in to the Amazon key app using your existing Amazon account info, select setup, and follow the steps to get everything up and running. Keep in mind that you have to be a prime member to use Amazon Key. After that, all of your prime orders default to in home delivery. You get alerts letting you know the day and the time Timeframe to expect the package and you can block access leading up to the actual delivery if something comes up and you change your mind. The camera records video clips of the entire delivery, so you can not only see that it was delivered, but how it was delivered and ensure that your delivery provider followed Protocol. That includes opening your door just enough to place the package inside, closing it and locking it again. I never once ran into an issue with the delivery. The alerts were reliable, and the deliveries work seamlessly. However, one time I inadvertently locked our storm door. Which meant that the delivery person couldn't actually get inside to deliver our package. So they left it on the porch instead, but in the app, had a nice note explaining what happened and why. If you're a Prime customer who already orders from Amazon a lot and you're concerned about packages being stolen, Amazon Key is a good option that keeps your front porch free of packages assuming you don't lock the storm door. [SOUND]