Speaker 1: I'm so thrilled to introduce Amazon glow glow. Reimagines the way kids can connect with remote family and friends. Our goal here was simple. Create a device that can go beyond just enabling a video call and do it with kids top of mind. And that's exactly what we've done. Amazon glow offers an immersive virtual experience that brings the and physical worlds together. It's not passive screen time. It's collaborative and interactive, and it lets kids be kids glow combines video [00:00:30] calling with connected activities to keep everyone engaged and visible. Making virtual visits feel much more like being together in person. We took projection, audio sensing and video technologies to create an experience like no other, an immersive experience that makes kids and their loved one feel like they're playing together side by side while kids are having fun with Amazon glows 19 inch touch sensitive projected area, remote family and friends use their own tablet to interact in a shared virtual space in real time through [00:01:00] the free Amazon glow and the eight inch LCD display is designed to the kids can see their loved one the whole time. So how does this actually work? Well, let's take a look. Speaker 2: Hi guess. Hi scout. Are we gonna play this puzzle together? Yeah, the pieces are coming in. I wanna give you a challenge on your first try. Can you find some cool stuff on this page? I can see a SNA. I can see O I'm done the sky. [00:01:30] Whoa, you made the whole thing explode. Oh, just tap it. No, you have to like this shoot. Watch me now. Oh, okay. Flip it. Flip it up. Flip the triangle up first stay day school. Good job. Can you stay what I did? Look at [00:02:00] good work. Good work. And I will click the last one here. There we, you do it. Yes. Oh, what's that one tomorrow. Tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you. Bye. Speaker 1: As you just saw the technology behind Amazon [00:02:30] glow allows us to unlock some pretty cool features like the merging of physical and digital objects. You can see this one come to life with our twists and the classic activity of tangram kids use physical shapes while the remote family member uses digital ones to solve challenges together. Amazon glow also has object scanning, which lets kids turn a favorite toy into a digital sticker for art activities or my daughter's personal favorite into a custom jigsaw puzzle and to create even more exciting content for Amazon glow. We've collaborated with four of the leaders in [00:03:00] kids, content, Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Sesame workshop to bring kids and their loved ones, a new connected way to experience some of their favorite characters. For example, drawing activities with Elmo from Sesame workshop puzzles to solve starring spun, Bob square pants from Nickelodeon card games, starring Barbie from Mattel and animated story books from Disney like Disney and Pixar's toy story. Speaker 1: [00:03:30] Even more interactive content for Amazon glow is coming later this year with more arriving regularly to delight kids and families. So if you're a games or developer and intrigued by the new creative possibilities with Amazon glow, please reach out. We plan on opening our SDK to unlimited set of partners in the first half of 2022, from the very beginning of our journey with glow, we knew it was important to design with parental controls and privacy at the foundation. Kids can only call contacts, the grownups pre-select and closing the visible privacy [00:04:00] shutter on the device will instantly disable cameras and mics starting today. You can request an invite to purchase Amazon glow for the early access price of 2 49. We'll begin sending glow to invited customers next month. For all of us, who've been lucky enough to work on this product. We truly believe the best bonds are built when you can do things together. And that Amazon glow creates a whole new way to do just that even from afar.