[MUSIC] [SOUND] Having made that first film [UNKNOWN] years ago, do you feel that the future has turned out better than expected or worse? The same. I can see devolution and evolution. Assume Blade Runner [INAUDIBLE]. The evolution is wonderful but has a dark side to it as well. [SOUND] Tech and science is Is with us dude. It's moving so fast now. It's faster than flight travel. The movement in the digital world is screaming past our ears as a gale force. And I think where we're gonna be in 20 years, God knows. I hope we can deal with the fact that we're melting. The Earth's gonna end up as a desert if we don't watch it If we continue doing what we're doing and put our evolution on travel, which will be helped by AI thinking and preparation, eventually you're gonna send people out who never plan to come back. That will have to be either hyper sleep, which I think that's a long way off. I think the idea of a large craft going off with families on board, that would live, die, live, die, live, die, till they get there, is more likely. [BLANK_AUDIO]