Airpower, that's the name of Apple's new wireless charging standard that's not gonna come out until 2018. I got a chance to look at it in a very early mode, here at Apple's event at Apple park. And the idea is that you're gonna want to charge multiple things at once. Apple's new iPhones and also the Apple watch support wireless [UNKNOWN]. But the AirPods don't yet, eventually they're gonna have a case that does. But even so, with Qi you're not going to be able to charge multiple things at the same time. That's what Air Power is about, one mat that will allow you to charge multiple things at once. And Apple's trying to drive that wireless standard with other manufacturers down the road. Sounds super convenient but it wont be available when the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X launch this year. it's a peek at an accessory to come in 2018. But that's Air Power in a nutshell. And I really want it right right now so I can charge my Air Pods, Apple watch and iPod all at the same time but I'm just going to have to wait aren't I? Well, I'm Scott Stein here at Apple Park in Cupertino. [BLANK_AUDIO]