It is with a heavy heart we are here today to report that Apple's Air Power is dead. No dead too soon. Before it ever was really anything. It is true, the wireless charging pad was announced 18 months ago, and was never actually released. With Apple claiming that the device It was working on, wasn't meeting its high standards. Speaking of Apple's high standards, let's discuss some of Apple's other major goofs. [LAUGH] Most recently, battery throttling. How about that one. That one's a favorite of mine because it confirms for a lot of people the thing that they had, it didn't entirely confirm what they'd always expected or suspected, which is that when Apple has a new phone come out they start to like sneakily make your old phone less usable. And that's not precisely what it is, but Ultimately that's kind of what happened. It did, yeah. It's the idea of that planned obscolescene, right? Just as soon as that new one comes out, and you're like this one just doesn't perform as well, mabye I need an upgrade. We've all had that conversation, and yeah, it seemed to kinda confirm that. Yeah, and behind the scenes, yes. They were thrattling the battery, so exactly. One of my other favorite was antenna gate, which, That was my favorite just because Steve Jobs came out and said you're holding it wrong. That's like the best [INAUDIBLE]. The best solution is to just hold it like this a little bit, no it was awesome, I mean [INAUDIBLE] they did hand out free bumpers, they did finally admit That there was an issue maybe putting the antennas around the phone may not be the best design move, but, the best single move. But, it was pretty embarrassing. And to be fair a little bit to Apple, there is also bend gate, apparently there were a lot of gates. I was always suspicious over bend gate There was the unbox therapy guy that was using all of the force that he possibly could, to bend the Apple iPhone 6. Was it really a gate? I don't know. It was certainly embarrassing for Apple. We do like to throw gate around generously when it comes to Apple contraversies. I kind of agree. That one's I feel like they kinda take a bad rap on that one. Yeah. And I did wanna get to one other one, which was my favorite, which was U2 spamming everybody with their lousy album. [LAUGH] Yeah. That was really funny because they're literally giving away Something for free that nobody wanted? [LAUGH] People really got pissed about it. Yeah. Get this crap off of my phone, so yeah. People thought they were hacked. One more to bring up, Apple Maps. Yeah. That's one of my favorites because even it was universally understood to be useless. [LAUGH] Apple still forces you So, deep link out to apple mac. So like text messages that you left there if they're [CROSSTALK] It has done better. Has it?>> It has improved. I think I've heard [CROSSTALK] so I don't know.