Congressman Adam Schiff, Burbank California. [MUSIC] And it's good to know and good to see that the tech companies are taking some actions. That they have identified fake pages and they've identified an effort to divide us once again and use the social media to Pit one American against another, on racial grounds. [MUSIC] What we're seeing is still merely the tip of the iceberg. That it will take a much more concerted and resourced effort to really ferret out Most of this effort of foreign malevolent influence. [MUSIC] Where there's a will there's a way, and they certainly made that clear when there's an economic incentive aligned. What they are able to do in terms of How their technologies perform and what services they can offer and how they are able to use data to find other ways of connecting people. So, when it's aligned with economic interest, they're very capable and I think they are much more capable of tackling this problem then we've seen. [MUSIC] In terms of the issue of foreign interference. Foriegners are never going to stop trying to influence us. You are never going to able to completely irradicate that content, but you can do a lot to suppress it, you can do a lot to keep it in acceptable bounds. You're never going to be able to stop people from posting things that are plainly untrue, patently untrue, deliberately untrue, but you can, I think, take steps that help expose things that are patently untrue or deprived your platform access to a platform of people who are just populating hate speech