[MUSIC] SmartThings is trying to make it easy for anyone to turn their home into a smart home. Most popular uses are things like peace of mind. So watching over your home from wherever you are on your phone or settings that involve automatically turning things on or off when you come and go. Or lots of little life conveniences. We've got more than 7,000 devices have been integrated with the platform. More than 12,000 apps of different sorts. The house can automatically know when I arrive home and it can do that based on knowledge of my presence from this wearable device so even without my phone like it can know that I'm arriving home. Can unlock the door automatically. So the kitchen is the heart of a lot of homes and so SmartThings can connect to all of the appliances and a lot of things that might happen in the kitchen. The Samsung refrigerator is integrated in the SmartThings. And so it can know, very simple things, like the, SmartThings can know if the refrigerator is open or shut or what the temperature is. The refrigerator can act as a. Notification center. So if something is happening in the house, like the laundry is done, it will let you know. Somebody at the front door. And then other things like you can receive a phone call, you know, without getting your phone out of the, out of your pocket. And receive it right here on the fridge. So another example of going deeper into the smart home, is connection to the common appliances like the, like the washer, and so. You know this is, it's, it does things that related to convenience and savings so maybe you want to have it automatically have it run when you're, leave the house for the day. So it's not running when you're there. Or another example is this, it's got a reservoir in it where you pour all the the detergent and it only, it automatically meters it out and it'll send you a notification when you need more once a month or something like that. So another fun use case is things like, even like a robotic vacuum being integrated with the platform. And so. This could, of course, be the little things like you know, clean up when you leave the house. This has got an integrated camera and microphone. and can move around the house. So maybe instead of just being a vacuum, it might be a moving security device. For a couple hundred dollars somebody can outfit their home. And it's common things go wrong. Whether it's security when they're away from home. Or like moisture, or smoke, or a kid not getting home from school. They can know about that from anywhere. [MUSIC]