How do you tell time on the Apple watch? With watch faces, of course. Apple has ten of them built into the Apple watch and they're all customizable. And they're probably the most beautiful thing that's on this watch. So, I wanted to give a little tour as to the ones that are the best and the ones that are the most interesting. A lot of Apple's watch faces take this round dial approach. This one's pretty simple, but they're all customizable, so you could actually change. The way that the dial looks, the color elements and what are called complications, which is the watch industry term for all those little bits of information around here like the date. You can add them here from a limited set that Apple allows you to put in in certain predefined spots on each watch face. This one is kind of a bare bones informational dashboard that looks more like a digital watch and gives you lots of pings and information. One of the few non-round watch faces on the watch. And this one is probably one of the most beautiful. It's a motion watch face that brings up pictures of butterflies or flowers, or jellyfish which is my favorite. And they're fully animated. Little mini videos of jellyfish-. Throbbing and moving right alongside the time. The most amazing one might be the planetary watch face. This one actually shows your position, and it shows day and night conditions. You can roll the crown here and find out what the day and night conditions are at any date and time in the future or the past. It'll also show you what the moon is up to. What the lunar cycle is in case you're curious. And again, scanning back and forth through time. And you could press the button here that shows you all the planetary alignments. A solar cycle watch face shows you when sun is setting and rising and the average length of the day depending on where you are. And again, allows you to scroll back and forth to see pretty animations. There is a Chronograph, which works like a stop watch and allows you to also customize how the dial is laid out and there is Mickey Mouse, Mickey MOuse was also on the iPad Nano back in 2011, this one is more fully animated. Maybe it's a sign of Disney watch spaces to come. Now you can only use Apple's 10 watch spaces now with all of the extra customization settings. You can add more from third parties and Apple doesn't seem to be having any more coming immediately, hopefully there will be because they make the watch look incredibly unique and I want more. I'm Scott Stein with the watch faces on Apple Watch. [MUSIC]