[MUSIC] 5G isn't just about turbo charging the connection of your phone. The other big attribute of 5G is its responsiveness. While you may not notice it when you pull up a website or face time your mom, there's always a slight delay from your phone pinging the network and you getting a response. But with 5G, there is no lag. That opened the opportunity for new kinds of wireless applications, like telemedicine. As an example, Eric's in the setup of demonstration where he can perform surgery using a VR headset and a special glove. The glove controls a robot arm that's a few feet away, although it might as well be in another state. It's that robot arm that actually cuts into the body. Lined through the glove are haptic feedback motors that buzz when the tip of the arm Touches the organ, giving you the sensation that you're actually touching it. That kind of precise control that surgeons require and the instant feedback can only happen with the responsiveness of 5G. Because it's done virtually, Erickson said the students can watch along on companion VR headsets, allowing them to learn as the surgeon performs the operation. It's just one of the examples of how 5G will change our world. And why the entire wireless industry is buzzing about this technology. [MUSIC]