Samsung set a pretty high bar with its S8, or just infinity screen powerful opti core processor and biometric authentication. But could Apple do it better? Maybe. [UNKNOWN] afore-rumored features on the iPhone 8, that could make it a worthy opponent. The front of the S8 is 83% screen and looks incredible. But there's a 17% window of opportunity for Apple to make a truly bezel-less display on its next iPhone. As seen on this mockup. Apple is rumored to be changing up its traditional LCD display for a curved edge to edge OLED screen on its tenth anniversary iPhone. So it is a possibility, but a slight one. Why? The rumored manufacturer of these amazing screens is Samsung. So it seems unlikely that the company wouldn't have implemented on its own flagship before handing it off to Apple. There's something else Apple could do to the screen beyond the vessels that could still wanna [INAUDIBLE]. Embed the fingerprint scanner and [UNKNOWN] button in the display. Back in 2015 Apple was granted a patent that allow them to place the touch ID sensor underneath the screen panel using ultrasound imaging. Paired with current 3D touch technology you would be able to control the phone without a Home Button. Samsung. Also got rid of the home button on the [UNKNOWN], but had to move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone next to the camera lens. [MUSIC] But then again there's other ways to unlock the [UNKNOWN] using the iris scanner or face recognition which again apple may be able to do better. Samsung even admitted that facial recognition feature in the [UNKNOWN] isn't the safest. Apple could improve this feature by adding a depth sensing camera to the iPhone 8. Aside from mapping the contours of your face, this patent hints at a camera that could map the world around it. Giving the iPhone augmented reality features similar to Google's Project Tango. [MUSIC] This has been a historically bad category to beat. But 2017 could be the year the iPhone drains the S8. We haven't run any battery tests on the S8 yet. But we do know Samsung played it safe by using the same size battery as on the S7. With the larger screen to power, even if the iPhone isn't able to outlive the S8, it could still have a better way of charging. Another Apple patent hints at a new short range wireless charging feature that uses coils embedded in tabletops, computers, or even other Apple devices to charge the iPhone. And if all else fails they could always bring back the headphone jack and make the iPhone cheaper. But who are we kidding, that's not gonna happen.