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iPhone tips and tricks: CNET News Video

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Samsung Galaxy Book tablet has its sight set on the Microsoft Surface
1:09 February 28, 2017
The Windows 10 tablet comes with a lightweight keyboard and a stylus.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a classy and glassy Android tablet
1:25 February 28, 2017
The 9.7-inch HDR-ready Android tablet features a stylish all-glass back.
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The future of Netflix is lightning-quick streaming
1:27 February 28, 2017
Reed Hastings gives insights into what to expect from the streaming service -- like the end of buffering.
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Nokia 6 is pure Android Nougat in a sleek aluminium body
1:07 February 28, 2017
Traditional and sturdy Finnish design but with unskinned Android on board. Nokia ditches Windows OS for its rebirth but embraces its...
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Nokia 3 and 5 knock out pure Android
1:00 February 28, 2017
The new-look Nokia phone lineup introduces two mid-range smartphones with pure, unadulterated Android Nougat on board.
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The Nokia 3310 is back and so is Snake
1:17 February 28, 2017
The classic mobile of the early noughties is revamped with a slimmer body, colour screen and an update to Snake.
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Moto G5 Plus has a metal build and flagship camera
1:27 February 28, 2017
Better-than-expected specs and optional gestures drive this budget phone.
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DJI's new drones are ready to tackle tougher jobs
1:46 February 28, 2017
The company's M200 drones don't just take pretty pictures, they're built to weather the elements in search-and-rescue operations, or...
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