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CNET Top 5: Most popular search terms: CNET Top 5

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Microsoft Surface Studio and Windows 10 want to bring out the artist in you
2:26 October 26, 2016
A new wave of Surface products and Windows software make it easy to create 3D art. Bridget Carey highlights everything Microsoft announced...
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Windows 10 Creators Update takes 3D to the next level
2:10 October 26, 2016
The free 2017 upgrade to Windows 10 puts an emphasis on virtual and augmented reality, letting you scan in real-world objects and interact...
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Surface Book i7 gets more power under the hood
3:05 October 26, 2016
Microsoft's first laptop gets a serious horsepower upgrade, with better graphics and longer battery life than the original model.
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Microsoft unveils the Surface Dial
2:08 October 26, 2016
This nifty knob is designed to be the ultimate artist's accessory for the Surface line.
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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is virtually a Galaxy Note 7 clone
0:59 October 26, 2016
Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has a sequel to its Mi Note -- and unfortunately it bears a striking resemblance to Samsung's fiery former...
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Microsoft introduces Surface Studio PC, and Google Fiber rollout stalls
1:11 October 26, 2016
The big news is Microsoft's newest piece of hardware, an all-in-one PC. While Microsoft is making progress, Alphabet's internet service...
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AutoComplete: Mercedes unveils the AMG E63, a 603-horsepower drift missile
1:28 October 26, 2016
Mini unveils a new plug-in hybrid Countryman, and Mazda gives us a look at its SEMA plans.
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iPhone sales slump and AT&T details new online video service
1:08 October 26, 2016
Despite selling millions of iPhones, Apple's financial figures don't stack up against its past. Meanwhile, AT&T's DirecTV Now service...
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