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CNET Live: September 27, 2007: Tech Culture

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Neato D5 uses app smarts to keep your floors clean
1:25 February 22, 2017
Neato's new Botvac D5 Connected robot vacuum has plenty to like for a decent price such as mobile app control, a side brush, and a...
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Apple's 'spaceship' campus Apple Park lands in April
1:17 February 22, 2017
The futuristic campus will have a giant ring-shaped building covered in glass and a theater named after former CEO Steve Jobs.
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NASA announces exciting new star system
1:13 February 22, 2017
Trappist-1 has seven Earth-like planets in its system, and three of them are in the habitable zone, meaning they could harbor life...
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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S8?
1:15 February 22, 2017
An image alleged to the be next S phone pops up online, with features that match a lot of the rumors we've heard.
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5 tips and tricks for brewing better coffee at home
2:58 February 22, 2017
Making better coffee at home is easier than you think. Here are 5 crucial steps to help you get started.
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AutoComplete: Velar is Range Rover's first new line in 10 years
1:21 February 22, 2017
Plus: UPS tests drone delivery, and Cadillac rolls out a big CUE update.
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Is the Note 7 coming back?
1:18 February 22, 2017
All the tech headlines that matter today. We delve into new details about the iPhone 8's possible facial scanner, drone delivery tests...
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At Brooklyn smart garden, when it rains, it drains
1:11 February 22, 2017
How the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is using the cloud to handle too much rain.
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