Sony PlayStation 3 Slim VS Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim

It's time for a retro throw down! Two emaciated veterans of the last console war step into the ring ... but only one will emerge victorious. Who will it be? Only one way to find out: scroll on!

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The Good

More affordable $299 price; slimmer, more compact design with quieter operation; all games in high-definition; easy-to-use interface; doubles as a Blu-ray and upscaling DVD player; built-in Wi-Fi; 120GB hard drive; HDMI output with 1080p support; no external power supply; built-in Web browser; free online gaming service.

The Bad

Lacks backward support for PS2 games; no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes aren't compatible; online gaming, media, and commerce options still aren't as fully developed as Xbox Live, though they're getting better.

The Bottom Line

With a smaller design, more energy-efficient operation, lower price tag, and built-in Blu-ray and multimedia capabilities, the PS3 Slim delivers a compelling package for an affordable price.


The Good

Sleeker design; 17 percent smaller; much quieter operation; better cooling; touch-sensitive power and disc tray; 250GB hard drive; built-in Wi-Fi; five USB ports; dedicated Kinect port; onboard optical digital audio.

The Bad

The hard drive is still proprietary; controller on D-pad remains unchanged; cumbersome power block; renders existing faceplates useless; no cables for HD gaming out of the box.

The Bottom Line

Though the new Xbox 360 certainly addresses most of the concerns we've had with the versions before it, we don't think it warrants a purchase if you already own an Xbox 360 in working order with an HDMI-out port and a hard drive.



The PS3 borrowed a lot of design cues from the Spider-Man 3 movie. After all, both were made by Sony and both had the number 3 in them! Sadly both were kind of bloated. Even slimmed down the PS3 is kind of bulbous. Compare that to the design of the 360 Slim which looks like a Halo powerup. For whatever reason, we like that more.


The PS3 features the expensive and difficult-to-program Cell processor, which Sony said would also power the refrigerator and dishwasher in your house. And they'd all be able to lend their processing power to the PS3 for mega awesome graphics! Totally not vaporware! Meanwhile the Xbox 360 was powered by Intel's Xenon processor, which is also a gas.


When it comes to pushing pixels, voxels, 5.1 channels, packets — these things are exactly the same.


Even though the 360 totally dominated the 6th generation, personally we feel the PS3 was better. I mean, it had The Last of Us. Case closed!

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Specs / Prices

model 250GB
Game Controller
wireless Connectivity Technology wireless
Circle key, Cross key, Left trigger, Right trigger, Select button, Square key, Start button, Triangle key, directional buttons, dual analog sticks Controls A button, B button, Back button, D-pad, Guide button, Left bumper, Left trigger, Right bumper, Right trigger, Start button, X button, Y button, dual analog sticks
Stereo Sound 5.1 channel surround
802.11b/g, Bluetooth Network 802.11b/g/n, Fast Ethernet
Video Output
1920 x 1080 Max External Resolution 1920 x 1080
1, 2 Qty 1, 5
HDMI output, LAN, PlayStation 3 AV output, SPDIF output, USB Type AV cable port, HDMI output, Kinect port, LAN, SPDIF output, USB 2.0
charcoal black Color glossy black
black Color Category black
USB cable, composite AV cable Included Game Console Accessories AC power adapter, Xbox Live headset, composite AV cable
Sony Brand Microsoft
Sony PlayStation Product Line Microsoft Xbox
3 Model 360
1 Packaged Quantity 1
Game Console
Sony PlayStation 3 Name Xbox 360 S
Game console Type Game console
HDD Storage Type HDD
120 GB Storage Capacity 250 GB
Blu-ray Media Type DVD
802.11b/g, Bluetooth Network Interfaces 802.11b/g/n, Fast Ethernet
Power Device
250 Watt Power Consumption Operational 135 Watt
Dimensions & Weight
11.4 in Width 12 in
11.4 in Depth 11.5 in
2.6 in Height 7.2 in
7.05 lbs Weight 10.93 lbs

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