August Smart Lock VS Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt

The August Smart Lock and Kwikset Kevo are solid contenders to secure your smart home, but which one takes the cake?

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The Good

From its improved design and easy install, to its simple software interface and top-notch performance, the $229 second-generation August Smart Lock does everything a little bit better. Oh, and it integrates with Siri via Apple's HomeKit software, as well as the Works with Nest platform.

The Bad

The lock isn't compatible with every deadbolt, HomeKit can be challenging to get up and running, and the Siri integration won't matter to August's non-Apple users.

The Bottom Line

August's HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock 2.0 improves on an already awesome product and is worth strong consideration -- even if you don't have an iPhone.

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The Good

The Kwikset Kevo is a uniquely convenient smart lock that can let you in with a single touch. The second-gen model is designed better than before, with a smaller interior footprint, easier installation and resistance against brute-force attacks. All "eKeys," including time-restricted ones, are now free and unlimited.

The Bad

The second-gen Kevo no longer includes the helpful key fob accessory, but it still costs more than generation one.

The Bottom Line

This is a very solid smart lock that offers a true convenience upgrade for your front door.

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August's simple looks and quick-to-install retrofit design make it easy on the eyes and the toolbox. Kevo's design is more traditional, but its clunky interior piece takes up more real estate on your door.


August's smart lock is HomeKit-enabled, works with Nest and can integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa via the August Connect Wi-Fi accessory. Kevo has its own Wi-Fi accessory called the Kevo Plus, which enables Amazon Alexa compatibility. With these accessories installed, both locks can be controlled remotely.


August's lock is super simple to use with the August app, but Kevo is also a breeze to operate with its touch-to-unlock technology. August wins here with its geofencing option that can automatically lock or unlock your door based on your phone's location.


The August Smart Lock and Kwikset Kevo both rely on Bluetooth keys to grant access for homeowners and guests and worked reliably within Bluetooth range during our tests. Kevo's performance edges out August just barely, since you can keep your phone in your pocket and merely tap the lock to unlock it.


Overall, August takes the cake. This smart lock works with all major smart-home platforms and offers delightfully simple installation. When it comes to smarts and sensibility, August is the clear winner.

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