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1:46 27 October 2016
Apple demos its all-new Final Cut Pro editing software, which now features the ability to make quick edits with the Touch Bar.
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Apple demonstrates how its new Touch Bar works to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop.
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2:20 27 October 2016
Apple designs new ports for MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports; each one can also act as a charger.
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1:09 27 October 2016
Apple's new MacBooks replace the old function keys with an interactive, customizable touch strip called the Touch Bar.
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Apple TV gets... TV app
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Apple's new TV app aims to put all your live and on-demand TV content in one place.
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Top 5 reasons why the Nintendo Switch may be a success
1:39 27 October 2016
Nintendo has a tough road ahead, but its newest video game console could be big.
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Apple may launch new MacBooks today, Microsoft shows off first desktop PC
1:19 27 October 2016
The MacBook line could see a big refresh today, but it will have to be pretty amazing to outshine Microsoft's Surface Studio PC.
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A new wave of Surface products and Windows software make it easy to create 3D art. Bridget Carey highlights everything Microsoft announced...
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