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Mac Pro gets bold, new look: WWDC 2016

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Apple could be in negotiations with Hollywood studios to offer movies on iTunes two weeks after they debut in theaters
1:24 8 December 2016
Apple could let you stream movies while they're still in theaters
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Pokemon Go to partner with Sprint, introduce new monsters
1:13 7 December 2016
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Google's new app lets people know if you're safe
1:11 7 December 2016
The app is called Trusted Contacts and it can let loved ones know where you are.
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2017 Honda CR-V gets a super sleek makeover
3:55 7 December 2016
Now with a refined interior and new power plant, the CR-V promises to be a best seller.
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The best videogames of 2016
2:15 7 December 2016
CNET's resident gaming expert shares some his top picks for 2016. These games are absolutely worth your time and hard-earned cash.
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Fitbit officially buys Pebble
1:06 7 December 2016
Pebble announces details of the deal that will see Fitbit pick up parts of the smartwatch maker.
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How to cook the perfect restaurant steak at home
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Restaurant chefs have a secret weapon called "sous vide." Here's why you want it in the latest "Counter/Space."
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