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Google's Chromecast gets cloud makeover: Google I/O 2016

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1:10 30 September 2016
In light of the recent Yahoo hack, you may be wondering if your personal details are safe online. Here are some changes you can make...
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Waze Rider is expanding as an alternative to Uber and Lyft. It's less expensive than its rivals, but there's a limit to how much you...
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Mitsubishi shows yet another vision for its plug-in-hybrid crossover future in Paris. But when will it finally build one for America?
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Spotify might be close to acquiring Soundcloud, FCC delays set-top box vote
1:16 30 September 2016
Spotify may be closing in on a purchase of Soundcloud. The FCC delays a crucial set-top box vote. And believe it or not, the iPhone...
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Road Trip 2016: Refugees in Germany turn to tech to make a new home
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More than a million refugees have come to Germany, seeking a new life and new home. CNET reporters Shara Tibken, Katie Collins and...
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