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CNET gets creative: Mailbag

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The new Star Wars movie finally gets a name
1:24 23 January 2017
Lucasfilm revealed the official title of the sequel to "The Force Awakens" on the website, along with its December release...
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Hugo Barra quits Xiaomi to return to Silicon Valley
1:16 23 January 2017
The former Android leader spent the last 3.5 years on a mission to bring global fame to the Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi. He says living...
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5 most useful Google Home commands
2:51 23 January 2017
As a voice assistant, Google Home is supposed to make your life easier. Here are five of the most useful commands to try.
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Samsung says batteries caused Note 7 fires, Hugo Barra heads back to Silicon Valley
1:21 23 January 2017
After an investigation into the cause of Note 7 phones catching fire, Samsung blames battery defects and hopes a new testing lab will...
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Top 5 features the Google watch absolutely needs
1:48 23 January 2017
A report says Google and LG are working together on new Android Wear watches. If they want those to be a hit, they really should see...
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Samsung explains why the Note 7 exploded
2:09 23 January 2017
The phone was plagued by two separate battery manufacturing faults that affected the first and second shipments of the doomed Galaxy...
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Explaining the Note 7's battery flaws (with cake)
2:31 23 January 2017
Bridget Carey finds a sweet way to illustrate Samsung's findings on why the Galaxy Note 7 overheated, and what the company is doing...
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Beats' new budget-priced headphone is surprisingly good
1:25 21 January 2017
The affordable Beats EP is a wired on-ear model that's not only well built but delivers decent sound for the money.
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