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GoPro Hero5 Black

Combining everything great about the Hero4 cameras and then some, the GoPro Hero5 Black is a no-compromise capture device for the ordinary and extraordinary.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

The three-year-old camera sees its first overhaul, and not only is it a lot more powerful, it's priced within the reach of prosumers.

Panasonic SDR-H250

Panasonic arrives at the hard drive party just as everyone is leaving for the hi-def shindig up the road. The H250 has a lot to recommend it today -- notably a great lens, flexible storage and usable manual features -- but it'll soon look as quaint and outmoded as VHS

Panasonic HDC-SD600

The HDC-SD600 brings 1080p high-definition recording down to a slightly more justifiable cost compared to its flagship 700 range, but strips out many of the manual features in the process. Nonetheless, this is a fine enthusiast's camcorder, with excellent still photo options into the bargain. It's still somewhat pricey, but the HDC-SD600 is smart, simple and surprisingly feature-packed

Panasonic HDC-SD10

If small size and low weight are important considerations, but you don't want the poor-quality video that's typical of pocket camcorders, you should consider the Panasonic HDC-SD10

JVC Picsio GC-WP10

It's small, tough and -- yes -- it's waterproof, too. But resistance to fluids alone isn't enough to justify the JVC Picsio GC-WP10's comparatively high cost, particularly when much cheaper camcorders often offer similar quality video and a wider selection of features.

Sony Handycam DCR-SX30E

If you're really not ready to make the leap to HD, the Sony Handycam DCR-SX30E's impressive video quality, decent feature set and low price make it a good buy

Sony Handycam DCR-SR58E

Sony's Handycam DCR-SR58E is one of the better standard-definition camcorders we've seen of late. It's easy to use and offers some genuinely useful features. It is, however, let down by its appalling photo quality.

Sony 4K Action Cam

Sony's X1000V offers power and performance in a package that goes head-to-head with the GoPro.

Panasonic HDC-HS200

For the price, you'd be hard pressed to beat the Panasonic HDC-HS200 in terms of picture quality, and it also features one of the better touchscreen menu systems out there. But a number of conspicuously absent manual features means it sits awkwardly between Panasonic's cheaper consumer camcorders and its higher-end prosumer range

Toshiba Camileo SX500

Toshiba's Camileo SX500 is not a bad little camcorder for its price. It has more than a few imperfections, but both picture quality and selection of features are better than most of its immediate rivals.

Canon Legria HF G10

The Canon Legria HF G10 camcorder's video quality is great, but its high cost and a few minor flaws mean it's lost some points in our book.

Toshiba Camileo H20

The Toshiba Camileo H20 is a solid, reliable and extremely easy-to-use camcorder that delivers good results for the price. We'd like to have seen a microphone jack and protected case included though

Canon Legria HF S21

The Canon Legria HF S21 sets new standards for home-video image quality. The camcorder is large, expensive and complicated to use, but if you're after the best, you're unlikely to hold any of these factors against it.

Sony Handycam HDR-XR350VE

The Sony Handycam HDR-XR350VE is certainly capable of producing excellent quality video, but its cost may be harder to justify if you're not going to take full advantage of the extended storage and GPS features this camcorder offers.

JVC Everio GZ-X900

The JVC Everio GZ-X900 is a slim, light and handsome camcorder that doubles up as a very decent camera. At the top settings, video and still-image quality are both good, but, while the slow-motion modes and unique optical image stabiliser are interesting extras, a few niggles and the high price might make you think twice

Canon Legria HF R106

Cheap and mostly cheerful, the Canon Legria HF R106 is by no means perfect, but it's certainly one of the best camcorder options available in the sub-£250 price bracket.

Canon Legria HF R18

Ease of use, built-in storage and a modest set of family-oriented features are all welcome on the Canon Legria HF R18 camcorder, but they seem to come at the expense of picture quality.