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Sharp LC-80XU930X

The Sharp Aquos LC-80XU930X is a 4K Android-powered TV that uses a technology that upscales its resolution to 8K.

Sharp LC-60UQ10EN

Sharp's new LC-60UQ10EN isn't a stand-out performer, but it offers a very big screen for a good price, and it produces pretty good picture quality with standard- and high-definition sources.

Sharp Aquos Wireless Lifestyle TV

Sharp's 20-inch Aquos Wireless Lifestyle TV may be a contender for the prettiest portable telly on the block, but, saddled with a wince-inducing price tag, it's also one of the most expensive, pound for pound.

Sharp Aquos LE831 LC-40LE831E

The Sharp Aquos LC-40LE831E LED TV has its plus points, such as its impressive 3D performance. But its 2D picture quality could be better and its Internet features lag behind the competition.

Sharp Aquos LE320 LC-37LE320E

The Sharp Aquos LE320 is a stylish looking set and produces good HD pictures, but its standard-definition performance is weak, its EPG is very sluggish and it lacks features such as media streaming and an HD tuner.

Sharp 3D Quattron LC-60LE925E

Sharp's Aquos Quattron 3D LC-60LE925E is a jaw-dropper. With gorgeous 2D Full HD images, online net portal and DLNA compliance, it ticks all the right boxes. Its bright, colourful 3D performance is just a bonus.

Sharp Aquos CT2 LC-40CT2E

The affordable Sharp Aquos LC-40CT2E has real appeal. Your standard-definition socks will not be blown off, but it's a good option for HD-only households on a budget

Sharp Aquos LE820 LC-46LE820E

We like the Sharp Aquos LC-46LE820E. It's impressively styled and, once you've tweaked the picture settings to within an inch of their life, you can get a very good picture. Its media-playback functionality is a welcome bonus too. But this feature has its flaws and we'd rather have seen a Freeview HD tuner included

Sharp Aquos LE700 LC-52LE700E

The Sharp Aquos LC-52LE700E offers plenty of screen for the money, and it's capable of delivering crisp HD pictures with intense colours and deep blacks. Its standard-def performance is disappointing, but you should check it out if you mainly watch Blu-ray movies

Sharp Aquos LE700 LC46LE700E

Adding 100Hz processing into the mix, Sharp's Aquos LC46LE700E certainly improves on the cheaper Aquos LC40LE600E's already good picture quality, at least as far as standard-definition material is concerned. It's just a shame the improvements aren't more pronounced

Sharp Aquos LE600 LC40LE600E

Sharp's attempt to make LED-backlit LCD TVs mainstream has paid off handsomely in the Aquos LC40LE600E. Despite feeling slightly under-specified in some areas, this surprisingly inexpensive TV really does deliver all the picture benefits of direct LED backlighting with few, if any, of the usual unpleasant side effects

Sharp Aquos LC46DH77E

While Sharp is to be congratulated on trying to bring green issues to the fore with the Aquos LC46DH77E, it's hard to see the supposedly ground-breaking eco button really making much of a difference to the planet's fate. But the set does deliver good performance with HD pictures at an extremely aggressive price

Sharp Aquos LC-19D1E

While some manufacturers seem to treat the small-TV market with disdain, Sharp has really gone to town on the Aquos LC-19D1E. This little TV looks and behaves as if it's had every bit as much care and attention lavished on it as Sharp's bigger models, even though it's being sold for relative peanuts

Sharp Aquos LC-32XL8E

This Sharp Aquos is a great gaming screen that does a decent job with Freeview as well. It will suit people who want a stylish TV that won't fill their lounge with shiny black plastic. It performs well, but keep in mind that the price is high for this size of screen

Sharp LC-37B20E

A good TV but not one that shouts 'high end' at us. The smooth motion on movies, sharp picture and great sound certainly do suggest that it's a very good mid-range TV

Sharp Aquos LC32AD5E

As one of the cheapest 32-inch LCD TVs we've ever seen, it's hardly surprising to find that the LC32AD5E is neither high on features nor anywhere near Sharp's best LCD performer. But that's not to say it doesn't hold some appeal for shoppers on a tight budget

Sharp Aquos LC46XL2E

The Sharp Aquos LC46XL2E is an attractive TV with good range of features. Unfortunately, HD picture quality isn't perfect and we think it's a little too expensive compared to other screens in its category

Sharp Aquos LC32RD2E

Not many LCDs at this price can boast advanced 100Hz technology -- the affect on image quality, especially with cohesive movement, is impressive. Digital TV broadcasts, including sport, feature an almost surreal sense of movement, while high-definition performance is equally impressive. Great value for money