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​Panasonic TX-65CZ950

Panasonic has announced its first OLED television, the 4K TX-65CZ950, will be available in Europe starting in October.

Panasonic Viera TX-47AS740

It doesn't deliver the deep black levels and rich contrast that we'd expect at this price. Add in the fact that its implementation of the Freetime on-demand service feels half-baked and you're left with a TV that just isn't worth the high asking price.

Panasonic TX-L65WT600B

The TX-L65WT600B has a slick design, a DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 connection, but its edge dimming system is unsophisticated and black levels below par. It's not the convincing 4K package I was hoping for.

Editors' Choice

Panasonic TX-P42ST60E

The Panasonic TX-P42ST60 is a superb TV for the money. Its picture performance puts many sets costing twice as much to shame thanks to its excellent colour handling and deep black levels. It also has decent sound quality, easy to use menus and a premium design. The only slight downside is that its smart TV system is light on catch-up TV apps.

Panasonic TX-P60ZT65

The ZT65 is primarily designed to produce the best picture quality ever seen on a 1080p TV -- and the good news is it succeeds. It has some weaknesses in other areas, but if it's ultimate picture quality you're after, it delivers in spades.

Panasonic TX-L55WT65

The Panasonic TX-L55WT65 has a sophisticated design, delivers sharp, bright HD pictures and benefits from an easy to use smart TV system. It's very expensive, however, and its range of catch-up TV apps is limited. Its local dimming also isn't as effective at producing deep black levels as some similarly priced competitors.

Panasonic TX L24X6B

The Panasonic TX-L24X6B is thin and stylish and offers strong picture performance. Given its relatively high price tag, however, it's a shame it doesn't support more online catch-up TV services.

Panasonic TX-L42DT65

Panasonic's TX-L42DT65 is a solid TV with good sound and picture quality, a likeable smart TV system and very attractive design. It's quite expensive however, and its black levels aren’t quite as deep as they could be, despite support for local dimming.

Panasonic TX-L47FT60

There's plenty to like about the Panasonic TX-L47FT60. Its picture quality is strong on the whole and it has punchy sound and a user-friendly smart TV system. We do wish it supported more TV catch-up services and that it's black levels were a little bit deeper.

Panasonic TX-P55VT65

It could do with support for a few extra TV catch-up services, but in pretty much all other respects the TX-P55VT65 is a hugely impressive TV from Panasonic. It delivers truly outstanding picture quality, has a very user-friendly smart TV system and good sound quality.

Panasonic TX-P42GT60B

The Panasonic TX-P42GT60B really is a stunning TV. It produces the best pictures we've ever seen at this price point, while also offering a genuinely useful customisable homescreen system and impressive sound quality.

Panasonic TX-L42E60B

Panasonic's TX-L42E6B is a very good 42-inch TV for the price, as long as you aren't interested in 3D. It offers excellent picture quality with good upscaling, deep black levels and natural colours, and packages it up in an attractively slim design.

Panasonic TX-L47ET60B

The Panasonic TX-L47ET60B is a very stylish-looking TV and benefits from Panasonic's new and much improved smart TV system. It also produces very impressive pictures. The only things holding it back are its high price and slightly tinny sound.

Panasonic TX-L42WT50

The TX-L42WT50 offers a good lineup of features, has excellent 2D and 3D picture quality and is wrapped up in a stylish design. It's quite expensive however, and if you don't tend to watch TV in a very bright room then Panasonic's own TX-P42GT50 plasma is a better and cheaper option.

Panasonic TX-P65VT50B

The TX-P65VT50 is big and expensive, but once you've witnessed it in action it's difficult not to fall in love with it -- especially as it's such a refined performer in the picture quality department. That said, it's not completely without flaws, as its menu system looks dated and it could do with a few more premium Smart TV apps.

Panasonic TX-P50X50B

If you're looking for a TV to use in a bright room during the day, then the 50-inch Panasonic TX-P50X50B is not for you. If you mostly watch TV or movies in the evening in a dimly lit setting, this set delivers great black levels, superbly natural colours and smooth motion for very little outlay.

Panasonic TX-P42UT50B

A measly two HDMI ports and the reflective screen will be a deal breaker for some, but the 42-inch Panasonic TX-P42UT50B will reward you with excellent picture quality, good online features and strong audio if you can put up with these failings. It's an excellent budget buy.

Panasonic TX-L32X5B

You've got to admire the 32-inch Panasonic TX-L32X5B's back-to-basics approach and it's certainly not a bad option if your TV viewing mostly revolves around a few soaps and the news. But sound quality is on the weak side and the programming guide isn't wonderful. The lack of smart TV features also means you'll miss out on BBC iPlayer.