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Sony KDL-50W829

The 50W829 puts in an excellent performance thanks to its deep black levels, rich contrast and perky colours. It also largely avoids blotchiness in the backlighting, unlike most other LED TVs. It's only the set's uninspired smart TV system and mediocre sound quality that stop it from scoring even higher.

Sharp LC-60UQ10EN

Sharp's new LC-60UQ10EN isn't a stand-out performer, but it offers a very big screen for a good price, and it produces pretty good picture quality with standard- and high-definition sources.

LG 55EA980V

The LG 55EA980V really is a ground-breaking TV. It delivers astoundingly good picture quality thanks to its perfect black levels, amazing contrast and great colour performance. It looks great too and has a good smart TV system. I only hope that LG can get the price of future OLED sets down to more reasonable levels so normal folk can afford one.

Finlux 40F8073-T

Despite having a price that's between £50 and £100 cheaper than similar models from Samsung and LG, the Finlux 40F8073-T manages to put in a strong picture performance and also has a stylish design. It's a good budget buy.

Samsung UE46F6500

The UE46F6500 is a great TV thanks to its stylish design, strong picture quality and excellent smart TV system. If you don't need the Freesat tuner though, you can save yourself some cash and get the F6400, which offers similar features and picture performance for less money.

Samsung UE40F6800

The UE40F6800 represents a good compromise between price, feature count and picture quality, so it's a great buy for people who were considering a stylish, high-end TV like Samsung's F7000, but baulked at its high price.

Panasonic TX-L65WT600B

The TX-L65WT600B has a slick design, a DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 connection, but its edge dimming system is unsophisticated and black levels below par. It's not the convincing 4K package I was hoping for.

LG 65LA970W

With its slim bezel, classy stand and cool motorised drop-down soundbar, LG's 65LA970 is a really handsome TV, and it produces some great pictures across SD, HD and Ultra HD. Its images on sports footage are marred, however, by banding during camera pans, it doesn’t support HDMI V2.0, and the benefits of Ultra HD aren't all that apparent on a screen this size.

Toshiba 39L4353DB

Toshiba's 39L4353 is far from perfect. It lacks the ability to reproduce deep black levels (robbing its pictures of extra richness), its menu system is sluggish and its smart TV system below par. If you mainly watch TV in a bright room however, and use an external set top box for your TV and on-demand services, then its shortcomings will be less obvious and its rock-bottom price of £400 makes it much more tempting.

Sony KD 65X9005A

The Sony KD-65X9005 is an excellent TV that produces some of the best pictures we've seen on an LED set. It also has fantastic Full HD passive 3D support and speakers that really do produce excellent audio. It's very expensive though, and the benefits of its 4K resolution at this screen size are extremely minor. Plus its HDMI ports don’t currently support V2.0 of the HDMI standard, although an update is on the way.

Editors' Choice

Panasonic TX-P42ST60E

The Panasonic TX-P42ST60 is a superb TV for the money. Its picture performance puts many sets costing twice as much to shame thanks to its excellent colour handling and deep black levels. It also has decent sound quality, easy to use menus and a premium design. The only slight downside is that its smart TV system is light on catch-up TV apps.

Toshiba 32L6353

With good connectivity, decent picture performance and a stylish design, there's plenty to like about Toshiba's 32L6353, especially as it's so cheap. Sony's KDL-32W653, however, only costs around £40 more, has significantly better picture quality and a snappier smart TV system. Ultimately, if you can afford it we'd suggest you go for that model instead.

Samsung PS60F5500

The PS60F5500 lacks an effective anti-reflection filter so it's not a sensible choice for those who mostly watch TV during daylight hours in bright rooms. For dark room viewing, however, it puts in a much better showing thanks to its combination of big screen size, great smart TV system, relatively low price and decent picture quality.

Sony KDL-42W653A

We're not keen on the set's use of an external power supply or the fact it only has two HDMI ports. The KDL-42W653A, however, redeems itself with excellent picture quality thanks to its deep black levels and strong standard definition upscaling. If you're not interested in 3D support, which this set lacks, then it's a good budget buy.

Toshiba 58L7365DB

Toshiba's 58L7365DB lacks finesse with standard-definition pictures and its smart TV system is sluggish. Its HD performance is on the whole quite impressive, however, and its price is attractive, so if you're looking for a big TV that's modestly priced, it's worth seeking out.

LG 47LA740

The LG 55LA740's strengths are its tasteful design and bright, vivid colours. Its smart TV system could do with more catch up TV apps though, and its mediocre black levels means it's not the best choice for serious movie fans.

Panasonic TX-P60ZT65

The ZT65 is primarily designed to produce the best picture quality ever seen on a 1080p TV -- and the good news is it succeeds. It has some weaknesses in other areas, but if it's ultimate picture quality you're after, it delivers in spades.

Samsung UE55F7000

Samsung's 55-inch UE55F7000 looks supremely thin and stylish and has a top-notch smart TV system onboard. But although it delivers impressively sharp and bright pictures, overall image quality is marred by some light bleed that stops it from producing convincingly deep and even black levels.