Best universal remotes of 2017

If you have lots of AV gear, a universal remote is a must. These are the best.

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    CNET's Rating

    • 7 Design
    • 10 Ecosystem
    • 7 Features
    • 9 Performance
    Logitech Harmony Smart Control

    Best value with a hub

    This older hub-based clicker offers all the RF functionality and smartphone control of the more-expensive, newer Home Control, and if you can get over its annoying button arrangement (and don't need Smart Home functions) it's a great value.

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  • Logitech Harmony Elite

    Best high-end remote

    Most people won't want to pay extra for the built-in touchscreen, backlit keys and extra device capacity, but if you can afford it, the superb Elite is the best Harmony remote we've ever tested.

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    CNET's Rating

    • 9 Design
    • 10 Ecosystem
    • 9 Features
    • 9 Performance
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    CNET's Rating

    • 7 Design
    • 9 Ecosystem
    • 6 Features
    • 7 Performance
    Logitech Harmony 650

    Best value without a hub

    We think it's worth paying extra for Harmony's hub-based remotes above, mainly because they never miss sending a command and don't need line-of-sight. But if aiming a "standard" infrared remote is fine with you, this older clicker is a great choice.

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