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HP Media Vault Pro MV5020

The Media Vault Pro provides an excellent way to back up multiple computers or share media files across your network. It's easy to recommend because it doesn't cost too much, has numerous features and is simple to use. This is one of the best network hard drives around at the moment

HP Media Smart Server

The HP Media Smart Server is a great way of stockpiling all your digital content in a box that's always on, always accessible and always easy to use. It's slightly too noisy for our liking, but it's a great introduction to the world of home servers

HP DVD-Writer DVD200i drive

Though the compatibility of DVD+Rs with other hardware is still unproven, the DVD200i is a fast all-in-one optical drive and excellent for both backing up your system and for mastering DVDs.

HP DVD-Writer DVD100i drive

The DVD100i is an excellent, speedy drive for backup or for authoring DVD movies that will work in newer players. However, it can't match a DVD-R drive for compatibility with older drives and players.