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LG ProBeam HF80J

The LG ProBeam HF80J is a portable laser projector which offers a 2000 lumen image in addition to smart TV features.

Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector

The ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector lines up with the rest of Lenovo's mini accessories.

Epson LS10000

A unique laser light engine helps the Epson LS10000 achieve picture quality that rivals the best projectors we've tested.

Sony Portable Short Throw Projector

Watch TV in the bath or turn your photos into a virtual pinboard with the clever connected projector that sticks to the wall, bath, or fridge door.

Sony Bravia VPL-HW15

With its fast response time and ability to deliver exceptionally fine detail, Sony's latest SXRD projector, the Bravia VPL-HW15, provides a truly spectacular way to watch the World Cup -- or anything else for that matter

Vivitek H1085

If you only cough up £990 for a projector, you'll clearly have to accept a compromise or two. But the Vivitek H1085 will force fewer compromises on you than you might expect, making it a surprisingly enjoyable option for casual users on a budget

Epson EH-TW2900

While Epson's main focus this year seems to be on the higher end, higher-price section of the projection market, its mid-range TW2900 actually turns out to be a really quite exceptional bargain, delivering far more features and football-friendly quality than you've any right to expect for a mere £1,200

Panasonic PT-AE4000

The AE4000 doesn't improve quite as much as we'd like over last year's equivalent Panasonic model, but it's easily the most flexible projector in its class. We still couldn't get totally perfect pictures out of it despite that, but it's nonetheless a very accomplished machine that will leave tinkerers in seventh heaven


JVC's DLA-HD350 improves even further on the remarkable black-level achievements of the ground-breaking DLA-HD1. If you couple that with the HD350's extreme sharpness and better brightness, you end up with a projector that -- although not perfect, and short of a feature or two -- is a bargain of gargantuan proportions

Sony VPL-VW40

We had our doubts about whether Sony could really translate its undoubtedly impressive SXRD technology down to the sub-£2,500 level. Thankfully, all of the things that make SXRD special really are present on the entry-level VPL-VW40, even if there are one or two little imperfections in other areas

Samsung SP-A800B

It's clear that Samsung has nurtured the A800B into being with plenty of love and devotion, even going so far as to call in a renowned picture quality expert to help them 'tune' its colour performance for movies. But although the A800B certainly sparkles in some ways, it feels just off today's fast-moving projection pace

Panasonic PT-AX200E

The AX200E isn't quite good enough at showing films to answer all the prayers of cash-strapped home cinema fans, but it certainly succeeds as a 'fun' option for the more casual big-screen user, especially if they're into console games

Acer P1265

Acer's P1265 is great value for money and delivers impressive image quality, with higher brightness than you'd expect given its specification

Sim2 HT3000E

There's no doubt that with a price tag of £10k, for most of us the Sim2 HT3000E will be nothing more than a tantalising glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But of course, just because most of us could never afford one doesn't mean that it's not blindingly good

Planar PD7060

You probably haven't heard of Planar before. But on the evidence of the PD7060, you'll surely be hearing more about it in the future, for it's a really startling combination of high quality pictures and aggressive pricing that could well have more established rivals scurrying for cover

projectiondesign Action! M20

The projectiondesign Action! M20 is admittedly pretty costly by the standards of 720p DLP projectors these days. But it just about justifies that cost with a terrific design and a picture performance that's lifted a notch above most rivals by the addition of new BrilliantColor technology

Panasonic PT-AX100E

Panasonic's PT-AX100E is the best projector we've seen at this price. It's fully featured, easy to use and capable of excellent performance in practically any lighting conditions

JVC True Black DLA-HD1

JVC's DLA-HD1 is a ground-breaking projector in that it beams out images with extremely natural colours and black levels to a degree that we've not seen before in this price range. Our praise, however, is tempered by the fact it's not quite as sharp or as bright as some of its cheaper rivals