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Google Nexus One

It doesn't have all the features we'd like, but the Nexus One greatly enhances the Google Android family with a fast processor, good call quality, and improved voice control features. What's more, we love that all versions of the phone will be unlocked.

HTC Touch Pro 2

The HTC Touch Pro2 certainly won't appeal to everyone, but, with its big, high-resolution screen and roomy keyboard, it'll tick the right boxes for some

BlackBerry Bold 9900 T-Mobile

BlackBerry enthusiasts will love the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but its high price tag will be a deterrent to many.

Samsung Gear S

The wildly ambitious Samsung Gear S smartwatch doubles as a full standalone smartphone, but the software and apps available don't let it do as much as you'd expect.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic offers an attractive design and feature set, but the touch-screen phone has some shortcomings compared with the competition.

Editors' Choice

Handspring Treo 600

Handspring's parting shot, the Treo 600, is one of the better blends of phone and PDA that we've seen to date.

Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile

For a mid-range smart phone, the Nokia Lumia 710 has loads to offer -- it's well built, runs on easy-to-use Windows Phone, and comes with free music, sat-nav and mapping apps. Windows Phone won't suit tinkerers, however, and has relatively few apps.

HTC Touch Diamond2

The HTC Touch Diamond2 brings some notable improvements over its predecessor and promises to be a powerful touch-screen smartphone when it finally arrives in the U.S.

Samsung Galaxy I7500

Samsung has brought some crave-worthy hardware features to its first Android handset, the Galaxy i7500, like a gorgeous screen, good camera and plenty of on-board memory. But it runs on the bog-standard version of Android, which means it lacks multi-touch and fun custom widgets like we've seen on other phones. It also looks slightly dull. Overall, the Galaxy fails to reach the heady heights of the HTC Hero, but it's a strong competitor to the HTC Magic

Neptune Duo

No smartphone needed? This Android Lollipop smartwatch pairs with a "pocket screen" instead.

I-mate Jamin

I-mate is out to follow up on its hit of a smart phone, the Jam, with its improved I-mate Jamin. Read our First Take to see what's new.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Don't fret about the unremarkable features -- the Sharp Aquos Crystal is a great buy with a compelling edgeless display that renders it unlike any phone currently on the market.

Sony Ericsson P800

The Maserati of smart phones, the P800 has a steep price and a design that won't appeal to everyone, but it's a sure-fire attention grabber.

Editors' Choice

HTC Magic

The HTC Magic doesn't have enough spells up its sleeve to knock the iPhone off its smart-phone throne, but it's still a very impressive handset, with a stunning line-up of advanced, but easy-to-use, features

LG Optimus Vu unlocked

The LG Optimus Vu is a ludicrously large mobile that packs some impressive hardware into its thin, light frame.

Samsung Z1

Powered by Tizen, not Android, Samsung's Z1 smartphone comes with a bargain-basement price and is heading for developing countries.

LG Xpression

The Xpression has a slider design in red, a full keyboard, a touch screen, and basic features for $49 with service.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

The N800 Internet Tablet is Nokia's second-generation, phone-less tablet device, which comes into its own when you are near a Wi-Fi Internet connection -- without that it is hamstrung. It's certainly an improvement on its predecessor, the 770, in every way, but swanky as it is, we aren't convinced that Nokia has done enough to make us want one