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Nokia 8 Sirocco

While the Nokia 8 Sirocco does suffer from minor faults, its main issue is being outclassed by similarly-priced competitors.

Nokia X7

The Nokia X7's exterior is a treat for the eyes, but its internal components are a different story. A weak processor and outdated Symbian operating system mean this smart phone isn't a match for the iPhone or many Android devices.

Nokia C5

The Nokia C5 offers a good deal of functionality at a reasonable price. While some other devices may look better on paper, the C5's large buttons and simple interface mean that using this phone is a very pleasant experience indeed

Nokia Lumia 920

If you want to move into the world of Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 920 is the phone to get. With a stunning screen, smart design and some great included apps, it's the best way to experience the new operating system. Windows Phone isn't for you if you like apps though, and the 920's battery life is less than impressive.

Nokia 2720 Fold

It's an average clamshell phone that lacks a killer punch, but the Nokia 2720 Fold will tempt those on a tight budget.

Nokia 7900 Prism

The Nokia 7900 Prism will definitely turn heads with its triangle-inspired design and it has enough features to keep most people happy. However, the keypad is very fiddly and while we like the 7900's build quality, its keypad doesn't impress us at all

Nokia X2

A middle-of-the-road music machine, the Nokia X2 is ideal for those on a tight budget who want easy-access tunes on their mobile.

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

Don't be fooled by the Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type's long, complicated name. It's a simple, classic phone that's pleasantly enhanced by the addition of a basic touchscreen.

Nokia E65

This is one of our favourite Nokia smart phones so far. It's slim, it looks good and the keypad is easy to use. Our main niggle is that the camera can take blurry pictures and doesn't work well in low light. But add the Wi-Fi and decent battery life and you've got a winner

Nokia N95

The N95 almost justifies its hefty price-tag for the sat-nav alone. Despite a few bugs, Nokia's handset succeeds as phone, camera, media player, PDA and above all personal navigator. If we had to rescue just one device from a burning house, it would be the N95

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 won't replace your iPhone, but this dirt-cheap feature phone is packed full of nostalgic charms that old-school Nokia fans will love.

Nokia 6230i

This is a classic Nokia handset with a range of connectivity options and a straightforward interface, but some people might find it a little lacklustre compared to newer models. However, if you just want a phone to make and receive calls and send text messages, then this is definitely worth looking at. It's also a sensible option for anyone who wants to upgrade from an old Nokia phone

Nokia N70

The N70 is a fairly pretty, slightly chunky handset, but nothing to write home about. Delve a little and you'll find plenty to get excited about, though, from the solid 3G performance and good camera (with sliding lens cover) to the library of built-in software suitable for both work and play

Nokia 6700 Classic

The Nokia 6700 Classic is no fancy-pants smart phone, but, as a solid and beautiful mobile that covers all the bases, it's a good reminder of how Nokia got to the top. A high-quality, 5-megapixel camera and brilliant screen help make this phone a front-runner in the mid-range

Nokia 6500 Slide

It's a shame the design is so chunky, but the Nokia 6500 Slide still has plenty to offer thanks to its clever TV output, good camera and impressive music player

Nokia Asha 311

The Nokia Asha 311 may be the most easy to use Series 40 device ever made, but it's still saddled with legacy baggage that throws up cryptic error messages and annoying confirmation requests far too often to make it pleasing to use. This old technology just isn't a serious competitor to all the slick budget Androids.

Nokia 6300

While this isn't the most advanced handset out there, it has a strong casing, a decent all-round feature set and an elegant, straightforward design. This is Nokia at its best

Nokia 3

The Nokia 3 sacrifices too much processing power to achieve its low price. You’re better off spending a bit more on the Motorola Moto G5.