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Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0

Samsung is taking on the iPod touch with the Android-based Galaxy S WiFi 4.0. Compromises have been made in some areas but, if the price is right, this could be a brilliant multimedia device.

Samsung YP-U1 2GB

The YP-U1 won't be up for any awards, but it's a competent player with plenty to offer the casual listener. Though sticklers for sound quality will be underwhelmed by the output, if you're looking for a data USB key with a little extra kick, the business-like U1 should make the commute more bearable

Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung's newest fitness gadget aims for the ears, with two independent wireless buds and full on-board fitness tracking.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 is a smart phone without the phone bit. Unable to make calls, this Android-powered gadget is built with apps, music, video and web browsing in mind. It offers a big, bright screen and an attractive design, but it's only powerful enough to cope with more basic apps.

Samsung YP-Z5 2GB

Samsung has broken with convention by allowing the YP-Z5 to mount on any computer as a USB drive. It's a revelation. You don't need to install drivers, worry about DRM, stick to a single machine, or use a convoluted proprietary interface to transfer music. The touchpad is fiddly -- no match for the iPod -- and the chassis may look a bit 80s, but many will be happy to pay this price for the freedom the YP-Z5 offers

Samsung Galaxy Player 50

The Android-based Samsung Galaxy Player 50 aims to knock Apple's iPod touch off its pedestal, but fails. A number of flaws mean this media player feels rushed and generally unimpressive.

Samsung YP-Q1 Diamond

This could be the best Samsung MP3 player to date. Not only is it remarkably affordable at £99 for 16GB, but support for lossless FLAC audio, BBC iPlayer, FM radio, drag and drop file management and a cracking little screen, means it's going on our list of Samsung successes

Samsung YP-T9

A sleek, feature-packed, high-quality MP3 player with excellent battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, a great FM tuner and support for video playback

Samsung YH-820

It's small, it's sweet and it won't ruffle your jacket. The YH-820 may have a meagre battery life, but it sounds like a dream. It's still no match for the iPod, but what is? If you're looking for an alternative to joining the white-earphoned masses, the Samsung shrieks a reasonably fierce battle-cry

Samsung YP-P2

The Samsung YP-P2 is a well-designed player and distinctly affordable for what it does. The only problem is that what it does just isn't as impressive as it could be. It sounds great and it's easy to use, but the lack of support for audio and video formats seriously hinders just how attractive an alternative this is to players from Cowon and Apple

Samsung YH-999

A few years ago the YH-999 might have seemed gimmicky, but now our lives are rich enough in multimedia content to justify a portable device to access this stuff on the move. Digital photos, video, MP3s and TV can all be transferred to the Samsung. It's not for shy types though -- the idea of a portable video player is still novel enough to guarantee an audience should you pull the YH-999 out in public

Samsung YP-T8

While the T8's design doesn't make it the slickest player out there right now, it can play video. You're restricted by the capacity of the flash memory inside the player, but it's a small miracle that the T8 postage-stamp screen lets you watch your favourite TV shows on the train to work

Samsung YP-K3

A stylish, lightweight and functional player but we would love to see a sharper screen and support for album art

Samsung YP-T10

The Samsung YP-T10 is a delightful player that's easy to use, perfectly priced, great sounding and attractive. Although we're not overly fond of touch-sensitive controls in a device like this, they look terrific and add a certain elegance to the player even the iPods don't have

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0

The Android-based Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is a massive media player or a small tablet, depending on your point of view. It could prove to be an affordable and slick alternative to the iPod touch.

Samsung YP-K5JZB

  • Type: digital player / radio
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Output Power / Total: 40 mW
  • Colour: black

Samsung YP-S2ZW

  • Type: digital player
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Response Bandwidth: 40 - 20000 Hz
  • Colour: white

Samsung YP-S5JAB

  • Type: digital player / radio
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Output Power / Total: 40 mW
  • Colour: black