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Philips GoGear ShoqBox PSS110

Slow performance, a relative lack of storage, and uninspiring audio quality mar an otherwise clever idea.

Goodmans X-Pro GPDR40

It’s not the prettiest handheld media centre, but the Goodmans' screen is brighter than the Samsung YH-999s and it can record from a live source. Unfortunately our experience of the GPRD40 was sullied by a schizophrenic dimming of the LCD backlight at times, and two crashes. You also need to encode all your video externally because the Goodmans only plays its native MPEG-4 codec. This can potentially take many hours

Samsung YH-999

A few years ago the YH-999 might have seemed gimmicky, but now our lives are rich enough in multimedia content to justify a portable device to access this stuff on the move. Digital photos, video, MP3s and TV can all be transferred to the Samsung. It's not for shy types though -- the idea of a portable video player is still novel enough to guarantee an audience should you pull the YH-999 out in public

Editors' Choice

Apple iPod Mini second generation

In the iPod Mini redux, Apple offers two capacity options and a more competitive pricing scheme--welcome improvements in an already fantastic player.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 2

The BeoSound 2 sounds absolutely superb, but there's nothing else to justify its sky-high price tag.

Creative Zen Micro 5GB

The colorful and versatile Creative Zen Micro will make lots of users happy.

Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1

Sony's 20GB HD1 looks, sounds, and feels amazing, but you'll have to sacrifice an extra wad of cash, not to mention native MP3 and WMA file support.

Philips Key Ring Key

While the Key019's coolness factor may appeal to the must-have gadget crowd, photo and music enthusiasts will find it lacks certain features they've come to expect in many of today's portable convergence devices.

Archos Gmini 400

The Archos Gmini400 is not for novices, but if you're willing to learn its ins and outs, this tiny PVP is the ultimate multimedia gadget.

Apple iPod 20GB, fourth generation

Apple's fourth-generation iPod delivers notable improvements to an already excellent product--and at a lower price.

Editors' Choice

Apple iPod

We love almost everything about this beautifully designed player, but the battery life could be longer.

Archos Ondio

Archos's handsome Ondio packs ambitious features into a small package for a fair price.

Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 20GB

This large MP3 player offers a slew of connectivity, recording, and sound options.

Archos Jukebox Recorder 20

If you need lots of music at your fingertips and hate bloated interfaces, the Recorder 20 is the device for you.