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Samsung Chromebook Pro

The Samsung Chromebook Pro will make a believer out of many Chromebook skeptics by offering great value, features and performance for a budget-priced laptop.

Samsung Chromebook Series 3

The $249 Samsung Chromebook is a good extra computer for cloud-loving Google-centric Web users.

Samsung RV510

The 15.6-inch Samsung RV510 certainly has its good points, including an excellent keyboard and vibrant screen, but its sluggish processor means it's outclassed by similarly priced rivals.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 15-inch

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro has a few design quirks, but is packed with features for a surprisingly modest price.

Samsung XE550C22

Solid hardware and a slightly improved Chrome OS aren't enough to save the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 from the hordes of similarly priced but more capable tablets and laptops. There are way too many caveats and compromises for us to recommend it.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

With the Notebook 9 Pen, Samsung works some key features from the Galaxy Note 8 phone into a premium two-in-one laptop.

Samsung R720

There's very little to fault with the Samsung R720. Attractive and packing decent components, it offers excellent value for a desktop-replacement laptop. Its 3D graphics performance is its only real weak spot, but it still offers enough oomph to keep casual gamers satisfied

Samsung R60

If you just want a good machine without having to spend a fortune, then you can't go far wrong with the Samsung R60. It could do better at games, but other than that it's a pretty good all rounder with a bargain price tag

Samsung 600B5B

The 15.6-inch Samsung 600B5B business laptop offers decent specs, robust build quality and various security features. It's no beauty, but it's worth considering.

Samsung NF110

The Samsung NF110 impresses with its curvaceous design, good performance and long battery life. If you're looking for a netbook, it's definitely one to check out.

Samsung N140

Although the Samsung N140 looks rather dated compared to the new generation of netbooks from the likes of Acer and Asus, it's still a solid performer at a reasonable price. The N140's battery life is among the best you can expect to find too. This netbook comes highly recommended if you need a machine that can last all day away from the mains

Samsung NC110

The Samsung NC110 is a great budget netbook, offering a classy design, excellent keyboard and a dual-core chip that ensures good performance when it comes to day-to-day tasks.

Samsung R700 T8100

The R700 isn't the most exciting laptop in the world, but there's no ignoring its value for money. It's quick, easy to use and though not stunningly attractive, wouldn't look out of place in anyone's home

Samsung N210

The N210 doesn't do an awful lot different to its rivals, but that doesn't stop it being a solid all-round netbook. Its well-laid out keyboard, excellent screen and strong battery life make it an ideal travel companion.

Samsung RF710

The 17.3-inch Samsung RF710-S03UK looks okay and offers decent performance for your cash. But, while it's a good all-rounder, we've seen other laptops perform better for less money.

Samsung Series 9 900X3A

It's hugely expensive, so it's obviously not going to appeal to everyone. But if you've been lusting after a Windows alternative to the MacBook Air, the series 9 has both the lust factor and performance to warrant the high asking price.

Samsung Q330 Core i3-370M

The latest Samsung Q330 has a slightly more powerful processor and a tweaked design. Overall, this 13.3-inch laptop is still great, but rival machines offer better graphics performance.

Samsung N130

Excellent battery life and superb usability sets the 10.1-inch Samsung N130 apart from its netbook rivals.