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TechniSat HDFV

The TechniSat HDFV is a decent piece of kit with superb picture quality and the advantage of being able to record to USB. We'd like to see its Wi-Fi abilities improved somewhat to allow more exciting features.

Panasonic DMR-EX77

A simple but very useful DVD and Freeview PVR that offers great upscaling performance for DVDs and has plenty of space to record TV programmes from Freeview

Liteon LVW-5055

The Liteon LVW-5055 is an excellent way of getting high-end features for a budget price -- equivalent-specced Panasonic and Sony models cost nearly twice as much. The catch is that Liteon's editing system isn't as simple to use and the remote control leaves much to be desired. But the range of features and AV performance still make the LVW-5055 a great DVD recorder

Thomson DHD4000

FreeView's service might pale in comparison next to Sky's, but if you're plumping for the free-to-air service, you might as well invest in the Thomson DHD4000. Its only fault is the relatively small hard drive (which can be replaced if you wish), but the ease-of-use, advanced features and classic styling add up to the best device of its kind on the market

Sagem PVR6280T

Sagem's box might look uninspiring, but it offers a Sky+-style recording system for Freeview. There are so many benefits to having a Freeview PVR, and Sagem manages to nail it with a great EPG and dual tuner functionality. The 80GB hard drive also offers 45 hours of recording, which should satisfy even the power user

Toshiba HD-XE1

For getting the very best out of HD DVDs you really can't go wrong with the Toshiba HD-XE1. The extra audio outputs, 1080p support and HDMI 1.3 make this one of the best next-generation DVD players on the market. The only thing it needs to make it the perfect player is Blu-ray support

Toshiba SD-150E

You might well ask if there's still anyone buying DVD players, but the Toshiba SD-150E is a great value upgrade for anyone who has bought a projector or flat screen TV. Component outputs provide a PAL progressive scan picture, which basically means a rock-solid picture with vibrant colours and excellent detail, and advanced features such as component outputs and DivX playback add to the value

Sharp TUT2HR32

Sharp's TUT2HR32 Freeview+HD recorder ticks the right boxes, with twin HD tuners, a 320GB hard drive and bright, colourful interface. Unfortunately, it also generates more fan noise than a Take That concert.

TVonics DVR-FP250

A good PVR that offers lots of features -- albeit at a price -- but good picture quality will appeal to people looking for a PVR to go with their flat-panel TV

Sagem PVR 7280T

The Sagem PVR-7280T is a mid-range recorder that's perfect for the modern home thanks to its modest hard-drive capacity and easy-to-use recording system. The box itself is mundane, and it won't record two channels at once, but if you're looking for a cut-price version of the Panasonic and Humax power recorders, it's still worth buying

Toshiba RD-85DT

Toshiba's RD-85DT offers a versatile and convenient way to make high-quality recordings. It's easy to use and overall performance is excellent -- although connectivity could be better

Sky+HD 1TB

The Sky+HD 1TB satellite box is a peach of a PVR. A huge hard drive means you no longer have to ration your recordings and the interface is slick and easy to use. With 3D compatibility and Sky's Anytime+ video-on-demand service just around the corner, it's a must-have upgrade for any self-respecting hi-def obsessive.

Humax HDR-FOX T2

The Humax HDR-FOX T2 is a very good Freeview HD PVR that we have no problem recommending. The only issues we have are with its low storage capacity and high price. It's a capable machine, though, that works very well indeed.

Humax Foxsat-HD freesat

The Humax Foxsat-HD is a top class high-definition receiver and gets the freesat service off to a great start. All that's needed now is more freesat HD channels to truly make the most of its high definition capabilities

Digital Vision GiGo

The Digital Vision GiGo has some great things going for it, although it's not without its downsides. Fortunately, the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you want to record Freeview to a USB memory stick, this machine is very convenient and does the job perfectly. If you don't know what a USB memory stick is, we'd advise you to get a more traditional personal video recorder

Toshiba SD-360E

The cheap feel is the only disappointing thing about this player. Otherwise its excellent picture quality via HDMI and ease of use make it one of the very best budget models around. Certainly worth a look if you've got an HD-ready TV

Thomson DTI 6300-16

A good quality Freeview PVR that will satisfy the needs of most people and offers decent value for money -- the 160GB hard drive will fill up quickly, though

Panasonic DMR-EX89

The Panasonic DMR-EX89 is a sturdy machine that's a pleasure to use. It's expensive, though, and only offers a single Freeview tuner. That said, if you're happy to splash out for it, we doubt you'll be disappointed