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Grundig freesat receiver GUFSAT01

If you're stuck on analogue, the Grundig freesat receiver is a good way to go digital, especially if you already have a satellite dish on your wall

Humax Foxsat-HD freesat

The Humax Foxsat-HD is a top class high-definition receiver and gets the freesat service off to a great start. All that's needed now is more freesat HD channels to truly make the most of its high definition capabilities

Philips DVDR5500

The Philips DVDR5500 produces great quality recordings, looks stylish and is easy to use. Its DVD playback quality may only be so-so, but at this price it still represents good value for money

Samsung DVD-SH855M

The Samsung DVD-SH855M offers a lot, but just misses the mark on usability. It does, however, make up some ground with better than average picture quality

Goodmans GHD1621F2

Goodmans' latest PVR is attractively designed with easy to use features and decent performance for an affordable price -– good value for money

Toshiba HD-EP35

A good player, which offers great performance for a pretty good price, although the HD-EP35 isn't leaps and bounds better than the HD-EP30

Toshiba HD-EP30

The Toshiba HD-EP30 is a good, low-cost way of getting into HD movies. It offers an upgrade to 1080p over the HD-E1. Our only major complaint is the lack of analogue audio outputs. Solid HD and upscaled DVD performance wins it our respect


A great system for people looking to get started in the exciting world of home cinema, but who don't have an excess of space and thousands of pounds to spend

Thomson DTI 6300-16

A good quality Freeview PVR that will satisfy the needs of most people and offers decent value for money -- the 160GB hard drive will fill up quickly, though

Linksys KiSS 1600

The Linksys KiSS 1600 isn't without its problems but because the firmware can be updated these could be ironed out with time. The KiSS 1600 represents great value for money compared to Apple TV, and it offers greatly increased file support and functionality

Sagem DVR 6400 T

The Sagem 6400 isn't particularly pretty, and there are some problems with the power and antenna connections at the rear of the machine, but recorded programmes look decent

Humax PVR-9200

Whether you buy the black Humax 9200TB and or the silver 9200TS, you'll get a superb Freeview PVR with plenty of useful features and an unusually flexible recording system that allows you to do far more than other competing products

TVonics DVR-FP250

A good PVR that offers lots of features -- albeit at a price -- but good picture quality will appeal to people looking for a PVR to go with their flat-panel TV

BT Vision

If you're already a BT broadband customer and you don't have a PVR, this is an absolute bargain -- and the on-demand content is simply a bonus. But if you're with a different ISP this isn't worth switching for, and despite a lovely interface, its content just can't compare with Sky or Virgin Media

Panasonic DMR-EX77

A simple but very useful DVD and Freeview PVR that offers great upscaling performance for DVDs and has plenty of space to record TV programmes from Freeview

Panasonic DMR-EZ27EB

If you want to record TV shows to DVD, Panasonic's DMR-EZ27EB is ideal for your needs -- it looks good and recordings are of a decent quality. If you're looking to upscale DVDs, however, you might want to look at some other offerings, and possibly those with an integrated hard disk

Pioneer DVR-545HX

Pioneer's DVR-545HX offers all the recording and playback features you're likely to use. But, in this competitive market, there are similarly priced rivals that do the same thing but better

Toshiba HD-XE1

For getting the very best out of HD DVDs you really can't go wrong with the Toshiba HD-XE1. The extra audio outputs, 1080p support and HDMI 1.3 make this one of the best next-generation DVD players on the market. The only thing it needs to make it the perfect player is Blu-ray support