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Dell XPS 27 2017

For discriminating ears and eyes, the XPS 27 (2017) all-in-one offers the best combination of features for the money.

Dell Dimension 5150c

The Dimension 5150c is one of the first PCs to use the Intel Viiv specification, and it makes a good first impression. Its BTX chassis almost achieves the Holy Grail of silent operation. Useless at running games, its Pentium D processor gives it strong performance elsewhere, and it is surprisingly inexpensive. Some users will be disappointed at the lack of a TV tuner, but if recording television isn't a priority then the 5150c is a winner in almost every respect

Dell XPS One preview

The latest in Dell's XPS series is the XPS One, a self-contained, all-in-one desktop PC. Looking just like a monitor without a base unit, it saves space and is almost free of cables. With an integrated hybrid TV tuner and some great design touches, will this PC compete with Apple's iMac?

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop

It starts at $600 (roughly £467 or AU$810), but that configuration may be seriously underpowered.

Dell Inspiron 20 3000

Dell adds a new entry-level all-in-one to its line up with the Pentium-powered Inspiron 20 3000.

Dell Dimension XPS 600

If you're not the kind of person that likes to dig components up from graves and solder them together while Futurama plays on a far-off television set, then a boxed extreme gaming machine may be the answer to your lust for high polygon-count online multiplayer games. While the Dell brand won't bring you elite status at a LAN party, the components inside will

Dell XPS 710 H2C

The 710 H2C is a stunning-looking and blisteringly quick computer -- it makes the vast majority of PCs look like pocket calculators. Buy one if you have the cash. Hell, buy us one too

Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition

One of the least-expensive Oculus-ready PCs, the Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition hits the required specs for virtual reality, but just barely.

Dell Dimension 9100

The 9100 is really what you make of it. The basic model, with an ATI Radeon X600 graphics card, is competent but unspectacular, while a more heartily equipped model with a powerful graphics card and a RAID array could make a decent Photoshop machine. Although the 9100 has few tricks up its sleeve, it's a solid machine with plenty of potential

Dell Dimension 5100

It does exactly what it says on the tastefully white-coloured tin. The 5100 is ready to be dropped into the heart of any house as a general purpose email, Web and office task platform

Dell Inspiron 24 5000

But if you use a webcam, its new midpriced, AMD-powered Inspiron PCs deserve a facepalm.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

The tiny Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410 may not be hugely exciting, but it will do a decent job of handling your media, without taking up much space.

Dell OptiPlex SX280

  • Type: Pentium 4
  • Edition: Windows XP Professional
  • Diagonal Size: 17