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Evesham Solar Storm

The Solar Storm is ideal for anyone who wants a solid all-rounder PC. It can play games, lets you watch digital TV, has ample storage and performance, but it's let down slightly by its looks

Hi-Grade Xtc2_02

The Xtc2_02 is a solid all-round Media Center PC. It has ample storage space, Blu-ray movie playback capability and a dual TV tuner, so it lends itself to being the centre of your home-entertainment setup -- provided you can find room for it under your telly

Evesham Mini PC Plus

The Mini PC Plus is more expensive than the Mac Mini, but its integrated TV tuner, higher specification and looks make it an attractive prospect for Windows fans

Shuttle XPC P2 3700G

A true gaming heavyweight, this desktop is let down only by its low upgrade potential and its comparatively high price. If you have the means, and the desire to play games with all the graphics effects switched on, snap one up immediately

Sony Vaio VGX-XL202

It's difficult to find fault with the VGX-XL202. It's powerful, looks good and is packed to the brim with high-performing, but quiet-running components. It's the ideal Media Center PC for anyone who wants to get an early ride on the Blu-ray bandwagon

Apple Mac Mini Core Duo 1.83GHz

The Apple Mac Mini is an unquestioned winner among budget desktops, but HP has a small-form-factor PC whose feature set will woo many would-be Mac Mini buyers.

Packard Bell Smart TV S320

The SmartTV S320 is a very good Media Center PC. It has plenty of storage, good performance and it will happily show high-definition content. Where it falls down slightly, however, is its inability to work as a standalone television and its questionable image quality

Shuttle XPC mini X 100

The Shuttle XPC mini X 100 is a fantastic example of a small form factor PC. It's quiet, attractive and offers plenty of flexibility. It's only hindered by the absence of Windows Media Center Edition, and its comparatively high price

Acer Aspire iDea 500

The Acer Aspire iDea 500 is the best Media Center PC we've seen. Aesthetically it's inspired by traditional AV equipment, so it'll sit alongside or replace your existing DVD player without looking out of place. It's not very upgradeable, but it's packed with just the right multimedia components to make the most of the Intel Viiv platform

Apple Mac Mini PowerPC G4

Apple recently updated the Mac Mini with Intel Core Solo and Core Duo chips. Apple no longer sells models with the older PowerPC G4 processors, but you can still find such units available at various online resellers. Since the Intel-based models aren't any more expensive and they promise better performance and include more features, such as Front Row and a remote control, there's no reason to choose a G4-based Mac Mini unless you find a great deal as resellers clear out their old inventory. For our most recent coverage, read our review of the Mac Mini Core Duo.

Sony Vaio VGC-RC204

A good example of how Blu-ray discs and drives can benefit a PC. It's well-designed, powerful and good value for money. It's only let down slightly by its lack of HDCP compatibility, so it can't play forthcoming content-protected Blu-ray movies in full high definition

Shuttle XPC P 2500G

If you want a gaming PC that doesn't look like it was created with boy racers in mind, Shuttle's small, sleek but hugely powerful XPC P 2500G desktop is just the ticket. The cramped interior means there's little room to upgrade, but if you want a tiny box with the latest components in, it's hard to beat

Compaq Presario SR1729

This is a good example of a mid-range PC that has just about everything you'll need out of the box. It has a strong specification, consists of modern parts, and is capable of doing pretty much everything the average user desires

Mesh X-treme FX60

The Xtreme FX60 is a great example of a multi-graphics-card gaming PC. Its dual GeForce 7800 GT cards work superbly in conjunction with the high-speed FX-60 processor, enabling it to run all of today's games at speed. The 20-inch monitor is a thoughtful inclusion and is happy running games at high resolution or playing widescreen movies

Alienware Aurora 7500 FX-60

If money is no object, the FX-60 and dual 7800 GTX-equippped Aurora 7500 is probably the fastest PC you can buy off the shelf. It has lethal gaming performance and will outpace other PCs at doing the simple things, too

Apple Mac Mini 1.66GHz Core Duo

The ultimate small form-factor PC gets even better thanks to the addition of a high-speed, dual-core Intel processor and the latest chipset. It's the perfect machine for anyone who requires a second home PC, and is also ideal for those who want to jump on the shiny white Mac bandwagon without spending a fortune

Shuttle XPC M1000

The M1000 is an almost flawless interpretation of the Media Center concept. It looks excellent, runs quietly, has good all-round performance, and has the type of I/O connectivity you'd expect from a premium AV product. If you're after a Media Center PC that cuts no corners, look no further

AJP Neo64

The Neo64 is aimed at daring PC users with limited space and an affinity for the unusual. Its aesthetic design won't appeal to some, but the system should be commended for its clever integration of TV, PC and DVD playback functions in a very portable unit. It's the computing equivalent of a portable kitchen radio