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Shuttle x27D

The x27D is, at the time of writing, the fastest nettop-style machine we've ever tested. Its dual-core Atom 330 CPU makes it a far more robust solution than PCs such as the Eee Box. It's a little too noisy for our liking, but it's affordable, attractive and definitely worthy of consideration

Eee Top

It's gorgeous to look at, easy and fun to use, and is also affordable. If you're looking for a second PC for multimedia, Web surfing or general tinkering, we'd definitely recommend it. Keep in mind that it slows down when multitasking, but that's rarely a problem

Advent Eco PC

The Eco PC can save you money on electricity, but you'll need be at least an 8-hours-a-day, every day kind of user in order to reap any serious rewards. It's fairly pricey, so you'll also have to keep it for a good few years before it starts paying for itself. But all in all, the low wattage when idle and the recycled packaging help make the Eco PC into a green statement

Asus Eee Box

The Eee Box is rather a mixed bag. It's not powerful enough to challenge the vast majority of desktops on the market and, as a Media Center PC, it's only mediocre. Despite this, we think it's worthy of consideration -- particularly because it's so cheap

HP TouchSmart IQ500

The IQ500 is the best all-in-one PC we've seen to date. It's the epitome of style, has very useful features and is versatile. The jury's still out as to whether a touchscreen is absolutely necessary, but those who want a compact, fun PC that's a little out of the ordinary should definitely consider it

Asus Nova Lite Mini 2L

The Nova Lite isn't a particularly fast machine, but it's well designed and entirely suitable for purpose. If you're looking for a quiet, attractive Media Center, it might just fit the bill

Shuttle XPC G5 6801M

The Shuttle XPC G5 6801M is a good all-round PC that's ideal as a home cinema PC. Its strengths include the fact it can play Blu-ray and HD DVD movies, has a digital TV tuner, but like most tiny PCs, the upgrade potential is fairly limited

Apple iMac 2008 Edition

The iMac is still the best all-in-one desktop on the market. We love the physical design of the system, and the new components on the inside make it very quick. Our only real gripe is the fact it's difficult to upgrade after purchasing, and upgrading at the point of purchase will cost you an arm and a leg

Dell XPS One preview

The latest in Dell's XPS series is the XPS One, a self-contained, all-in-one desktop PC. Looking just like a monitor without a base unit, it saves space and is almost free of cables. With an integrated hybrid TV tuner and some great design touches, will this PC compete with Apple's iMac?

Asus A33

The A33 is one of the most desirable Media Center PCs we've come across. It looks great, it's quiet, it has plenty of input-output options, and the integrated amplifier really helps it stand out from the crowd.

HP Pavilion Elite m9000 series

Whichever way you look at it, the HP Pavilion Elite m9000 series ( is a good PC. Better value can be had elsewhere, but its quad-core CPU, ample memory and thoughtful design helps it stand out from the crowd

Editors' Choice

Apple iMac 4th Gen.

With the same elegant design as its 20-inch, 2.4GHz sibling, the 24-inch, 2.8GHz iMac offers 30 percent more screen area and a modest performance boost. The iMac competes with the PC desktop market now better than perhaps any previous Mac to date, but the added cost of the larger, faster model might put off some buyers--especially if you are a gamer or an upgrade enthusiast.

Mesh Mesh Elite Quad 6600 FX

We find it difficult to fault the Elite Quad 6600 FX. It has a fast quad-core processor, ample memory and a graphics card that while not particularly fast, doesn't shy away from games. If you have a spare £700 and want a solid all-round PC, you really should consider it

Sony Vaio VGC-RM1N

The RM1N's dual-chassis setup is unusual to say the least. It's also pricey, as you'd expect for a PC that uses a quad-core CPU. Don't let that put you off, though. It's fast, has plenty of storage, and comes with all the appropriate software for high-definition video editing

Sony Vaio VGX-XL302

The Sony Vaio XL302 is a hugely impressive Media Center PC. It packs everything you could want into its large frame, including dual TV tuners and a Blu-ray drive. But for £700 less you can get the very similar, Blu-ray-less Sony Vaio VGX-XL301

rock Meivo-E4300

The Meivo isn't quite large enough for our tastes, but it's a great example of an all-in-one Media Center PC. If you want a second PC with a contemporary, unintrusive design, and you're all about the multimedia, the Meivo is worth checking out

Shuttle XPC mini X 200MA

The Shuttle XPC mini X 200 is a fantastic example of a small form-factor PC. It's quiet, attractive and offers plenty of flexibility. It's only hindered by its comparatively high price and the fact it's slower than the mini X 100

Dell XPS 710 H2C

The 710 H2C is a stunning-looking and blisteringly quick computer -- it makes the vast majority of PCs look like pocket calculators. Buy one if you have the cash. Hell, buy us one too