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Dell Inspiron 20 3000

Dell adds a new entry-level all-in-one to its line up with the Pentium-powered Inspiron 20 3000.

Shuttle XPC mini X 100

The Shuttle XPC mini X 100 is a fantastic example of a small form factor PC. It's quiet, attractive and offers plenty of flexibility. It's only hindered by the absence of Windows Media Center Edition, and its comparatively high price

Alienware Aurora 7500 SLI

Serious gamers fall into two categories. The first type is those who enjoy hotwiring together obscure components dug up from graves, adding liquid cooling systems and squeezing the last iota of heat tolerance out of an overclocked P4. The second lot are the ones who buy a gaming PC like they buy a console: pre-configured for max performance. The Aurora 7500 is for them

Dino PC Mini Carnivore HTPC

The Dino PC Mini Carnivore HTPC is fast, relatively quiet and makes a pretty good home-theatre computer

Samsung Ativ One 7 Curved

This all-in-one adopts the same curved display as Samsung's big-screen 4K TVs.

Shuttle XPC M1000

The M1000 is an almost flawless interpretation of the Media Center concept. It looks excellent, runs quietly, has good all-round performance, and has the type of I/O connectivity you'd expect from a premium AV product. If you're after a Media Center PC that cuts no corners, look no further

Asus Zen AIO

The new premium Zen AiO range from Asus has aluminium unibody design, killer sound and even has Intel's RealSense 3D camera built in.

Sony Vaio L series

We're looking forward to giving the Sony Vaio L series machines the full review treatment. Their touch-sensitive bezel, large display and powerful hardware mean we're cautiously optimistic about these PCs.

Lenovo B40

Lenovo's latest all-in-one desktop offers a full-HD display at a budget price and with an admirably small footprint.

Shuttle XPC G5 6801M

The Shuttle XPC G5 6801M is a good all-round PC that's ideal as a home cinema PC. Its strengths include the fact it can play Blu-ray and HD DVD movies, has a digital TV tuner, but like most tiny PCs, the upgrade potential is fairly limited

Advent AIO-101

The Advent AIO-101 is an attractive, well-rounded all-in-one PC. It's not the smallest of its type, but it's simple to operate, relatively well-equipped and is suitable for a variety of uses

Shuttle XPC P2 3700G

A true gaming heavyweight, this desktop is let down only by its low upgrade potential and its comparatively high price. If you have the means, and the desire to play games with all the graphics effects switched on, snap one up immediately

HP Z1 Workstation

The HP Z1 Workstation isn't going to take pride of place in your living room, but if you're after a big-screen all-in-one PC with enough power to chew through any graphics tasks you can throw at it, the Z1 is definitely worth a thought.

HP Envy 23xt Beats Special Edition

This 23-inch all-in-one is built for entertainment, offering great speakers and a striking look. But the glossy, reflective display throws a wrench in the works.

AVADirect Avalanche

Boutique PC house AVADirect is on a rebranding mission spearheaded by the Avalanche, an impressively souped up, completely water-cooled gaming PC.

Apple iMac 27-inch, 2015

The iMac with 5K Retina display now starts at $1,999, but keeps last year's CPUs.

Alienware Steam Machine 2015

There are many ways to put PC games on a living room TV, and the Alienware Steam Machine is one of the most ambitious. Like all new console launches, there are rocky patches, but the biggest hurdle may be proving why Steam OS is a better choice than Windows.

ViewSonic VPC100

The ViewSonic VPC100 is a larger-than-normal nettop, but that's where the excitement stops. Everything else about this machine is standard fare. We'd only recommend it if a relatively large display is a requirement