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Samsung NX500

The Samsung NX500 offers a lot of useful features, excellent video quality, and action-friendly performance that makes it a nice choice for families and travelers.

Editors' Choice

Samsung NX1

Fast, sturdy, well-designed and with excellent photo quality, the Samsung NX1 hits all the bases for action-shooting enthusiasts.

Samsung NX3000

While adjusting the feature set to appeal to a more price-sensitive audience, Samsung makes the NX3000 a little more sophisticated looking as well.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 series

The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 delivers the app and connectivity options of your smartphone, but with the shooting flexibility of a long zoom lens.

Samsung SMART Camera NX30

In the relative quiet before CES 2014, Samsung revs its prosumer mirrorless model and launches some new kit-lens options and alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy NX20 with 18-55mm OIS Lens, Black

The Samsung Galaxy NX camera combines the company's smartphone savvy with its mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera skills. The result: a potentially no-compromise solution for photographers who crave connectivity, albeit at a steep price premium.

Samsung Smart Camera WB800F

A 21x zoom and a wealth of shooting options and wireless features make the Samsung WB800F Smart Camera a fine smartphone accessory.

Samsung WB250F

You get an unbelievable amount of kit for your money with the Samsung WB250F, and it's all packed into an attractive, easy-to-use and conveniently sized body. There have inevitably been a few compromises, but Samsung has done well to balance features, price and performance to produce a competent all-rounder.

Samsung NX300

With a large touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi and an APS-C sized sensor there's a lot to like about the Samsung NX300. It consistently produces high-quality shots, is easy to use -- even if you're a novice -- and ships with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, all of which helps it justify its price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Verizon 4G LTE Connected White

A fresh and very successful re-imagining of what a camera should be and how it should work. Spot-on for anyone who wants an easy way to share their pictures without being restricted to smart phone resolutions and quality levels, and very fairly priced considering the specs and features. The best Android camera yet, and one that competitors will have to work hard to beat.

Samsung EX2F

The Samsung EX2F is a great professional-grade compact camera. Samsung has married a cluster of manual controls to some well-considered menus in a first-class piece of hardware design. Image quality is hard to fault, with plenty of detail, accurate colours and good low-light performance, all at a very tempting price.

Samsung NX210 with 18-55mm lens

The Samsung NX210 is an extremely capable, versatile and easy to use camera. Samsung's interchangeable lens system is one of the best and the inclusion of Wi-Fi is a boon, but an underwhelming performance in the video test dents its appeal, while other system cameras have a wider choice of lenses.

Samsung WB850F with Wi-Fi

If you want an all-round traveller's camera, you need a long zoom, decent resolution and built-in GPS. The Samsung WB850F has them all, and the addition of Wi-Fi helps it stand out from the crowd, while justifying the slightly high price. It's well built, good looking and certainly one for your shortlist.

Samsung NX20

The Samsung NX20 is a great camera, consistently producing sharp images full of detail and realistic colours. It's a joy to use, thanks in part to the i-Function lens system, which makes it easy to adjust the most common shooting controls. However, at around £900, it's expensive compared to its rivals.

Samsung ST200F

The Samsung ST200F is extraordinary value for money. It reliably produces vibrant, accurate results that are a true reflection of the original subject matter. The inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi makes it even more tempting and will help all but the most picky of buyers to overlook its very few minor flaws.

Samsung DV300F

If you want to enjoy taking pictures, the Samsung DV300F will help out enormously. The built-in creative filters are well implemented, innovative, and rather than being a set of obscure add-ons, they're something you'll actually want to use. It's also very small and the front-mounted screen is useful.

Samsung WB150F Black

The WB150F is a great-looking camera that produces a punchy set of snaps. The built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to share your pictures directly without first downloading them to your computer, but we'd have liked to have seen Samsung push this feature a little further. Still, at £190, it's a bargain.

Samsung NX200

The NX200 is a great choice for the more ambitious hobby photographer and anyone who wants the features and flexibility of a dSLR minus the bulk. Well built and with an excellent integrated lens and menu system, it's great fun to use and turns out impressive results.