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Samsung Gear 360 2017

No longer a big eyeball, the shrunken 360-degree camera has a better design, improved video and more phone support -- including iPhone.

Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung Gear 360 is great for simple 360-degree video and photos. You'll just need the right Galaxy phone and a Windows computer to get the most from it, right out of the box.

Samsung HMX-QF20

For good-enough video for Web sharing and a 20x zoom lens, the Samsung HMX-QF20 gets the job done.

Samsung HMX-W300

A fun, robust, waterproof and inexpensive camera, the sporty Samsung HMX-W300 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to shoot high-quality knockabout movies, where a dedicated video camera would be too bulky and the features on a smart phone too restrictive.

Samsung SMX-C20

A quirky, fun camcorder that records only standard-definition video and low-resolution photos, the Samsung SMX-C20 would have scored higher if it had been just a little cheaper.

Samsung SMX-F34

The Samsung SMX-F34 is a serviceable inexpensive standard-definition camcorder, but the money goes more to storage and the megazoom lens than to video quality.

Samsung VP-HMX20

The Samsung VP-HMX20 impressed us with the quality of its video even in low light, making this more than just a good-looking stylish model. We'd like more manual control -- and more subtle control over the zoom -- but it's so easy to use that we can look past that to see how good this camorder is

Samsung VP-MX20

If you're after the camcorder experience but don't need high definition, the Samsung VP-MX20 is an affordable standard definition shooter. Decent battery life and long recording times combined with the convenience of SD cards make this a worthwhile Web-sharing option

Samsung VP-HMX10

The Samsung VP-HMX10 isn't the most advanced camcorder in the world, but for this price it isn't meant to be. What it does it does in a simple, accessible way, with a friendly touchscreen and controls. High-definition video is reasonable if not the best and there isn't enough scope to adjust performance, but this is still a great choice for the point-and-shoot crowd

Samsung Miniket VP-X100L

It's easy to forgive the Miniket for its sub-par image quality when you're watching footage back on the TV at home. Sitting on a sofa with a hot cup of tea, re-living the moment you leapt off a BMX jump and crashed spectacuarly is a joy. We hope that the next iteration of this camcorder brings better image quality. For now, at least, the Miniket is a novelty that will supplement, but not replace your existing sports camcorder