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Microsoft Office XP Professional

Microsoft Office XP's online and collaborative tool improvements make it a smart upgrade for businesses and groups, but it's not worth the cost, time, and effort for single or home users.

WordPerfect Office Standard Edition v. 11

Current WordPerfect customers should certainly upgrade to Office 11.0. But SOHO users won't need some of the functionality.

Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition

Plus Digital Media Edition is a mixed bag of music and video Windows add-ons, with just enough goodies to make it worth the price.

Panda Antivirus Platinum 7.0

This virus hunter's new interface is a breeze to use, but Panda stumbles on price, support, and detection skills.

Editors' Choice

Microsoft Works Suite 2003

Works Suite 2003 is a true bargain. It's the best at-home or at-school productivity suite--as long as you can do without Excel and PowerPoint--and it costs half as much as Office XP.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

If you're an advanced photographer and don't have Photoshop yet or if you need natural paint tools, version 7.0 is a must-have; otherwise, version 6.0 will do the trick.

PC Upgrade Commander v. 1.01

PC Upgrade Commander costs the same as Aloha Bob, and when it works, does just as thorough a job. But we like Bob better; it's slightly easier to use and, unlike Commander, didn't give us a single problem.

Microsoft Office X for Mac

If you've been waiting for a good reason to purchase Mac OS X, Office X is it. But if you're happy with both Office 2001 and OS 9, you won't find enough improvements to justify the $299 upgrade price.

ViaVoice Pro USB Edition 9.0

ViaVoice 9.0 is awesome, if expensive, for those without a speech-recognition program. But if you're using ViaVoice 8.0, this version isn't different enough to warrant an upgrade.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

Got PowerPoint 2000? Then 2002 isn't different enough to justify its price tag. However, if you have an older edition, consider moving up.