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Zagg Z.buds Earbuds review: Zagg Z.buds Earbuds

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The Good Offers a rugged, utilitarian design that seems very durable, cord is wrapped in cloth and available in a choice of four colors.

The Bad Not a good value when measured against its virtues: no mic, no iPod controls, bass can be overpowering, subpar fit, and a lack of high-end detail.

The Bottom Line There's not much to set these Zagg Z.Buds apart from the earbud herd. The version with the integrated mic and iPod controls is a more compelling option.

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5.0 Overall

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This version of the Zagg Z.Buds ($70) is nearly identical to that of its cousin, the Zagg Z.Buds (with mic), except for a few important omissions. While the headphones do include an inline volume control, there is no mic and--perhaps more importantly--no integrated iPod controls, which are a major selling point for its relative. Given that and the mere $10 price difference, we recommend reading the Zagg Z.Buds (with mic) review and considering that option for purchase instead.

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