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Wearable Tech

TCL Moveband BT debuts at CES 2017 with awesome battery life

The fitness tracker can measure steps, distance, calories burned and sleep for up to 30 days.


TCL on Thursday announced a new fitness tracker with ultra-long battery life. The MoveBand BT can track steps, distance, calories burned and sleep for up to 30 days on a single charge. That's about 25 days longer than a Fitbit. It's also water-resistant (rated IP67) and can notify you to incoming calls, text messages, emails and other alerts from your phone.

While I haven't seen it in person just yet, the press images make the band look sleek and stylish. The MoveBand BT is being offered in two styles. There's a double wrap leather version for women and a unisex single leather strap model.

The MoveBand BT will be available in March. Pricing information hasn't been announced, but TCL has said that it will carry an "appealing price tag."

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