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Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman review: Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman

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Typical Price: £110.00
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The Good Good music player; decent headphones; excellent build quality.

The Bad Poor camera; small keypad.

The Bottom Line The Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman's screen and camera aren't wonderful, but, in pretty much every other respect, this phone puts in a better performance than you'd expect from a mobile with such a low price tag

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7.5 Overall

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Designed to appeal to pay-as-you-go fans, the Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman is a music phone that packs in plenty of features, including stereo speakers, an FM tuner and a 2-megapixel camera, while still managing to be one of the cheaper handsets in the current Walkman range. You can pick it up for as little as £48 on a pay-as-you-go deal with O2. You can also get it for free on a £20-per-month contract with O2, or for about £110 SIM-free.

Cheap and cheerful
The W395 may have a low price tag, but it feels extremely sturdy, and is free from the plasticky feel that often mars cheaper phones. Its design is appealing too. The smooth slider mechanism looks the business and the phone's rounded edges give it a sleek and stylish look. Our review sample was decked out in a grey colour scheme, but there's a range of other finishes available, including silver, black and pink.

The phone's 51mm (2-inch) screen has a relatively low resolution of 220x176 pixels, but it looks quite sharp, and it's very bright. It's certainly one of the better displays we've seen on a budget mobile, and it works well for reading text messages or emails. The keypad is on the small side, so those with larger fingers may struggle to reach a decent speed when texting, but at least the membrane-style keys are quite responsive.

Face the music
As with all of the handsets in the Walkman range, the W395 has a dedicated button on the front for launching the music-player applet. The Walkman music player is actually pretty good, making it relatively easy to browse through your library of tunes, with tracks organised by the usual artist, album and track-name categories.

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