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Sony Ericsson K550i review: Sony Ericsson K550i

Typical Price: £145.00
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The Good Good looking design; easy menu system; good range of features.

The Bad Indoor snaps aren't great; fiddly keypad.

The Bottom Line The K550i is a highly desirable phone thanks to its slick design, bright screen and great range of features. Sure, there are some niggles such as the fiddly keypad and the camera's grainy indoor shots, but these are minor complaints on an otherwise impressive handset

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7.5 Overall

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With its 2-megapixel snapper, onboard music player and blogging features, Sony Ericsson is hoping that the K550i will be as big a success as the K750i. The phone is available free on contract with most operators, or you can buy it SIM-free online for around £170.

When it comes to looks, some phones have it and some don't. The K550i is definitely in the former category as the silver and black finish and slightly slimmer than normal profile give it an air of luxury.

As you would expect of a Cyber-shot phone, the camera features are well thought-out and easy to use. You can start up the snapper either by sliding open the lens cover on the rear or by just hitting the camera button on the side. Held horizontally, the phone actually feels like a camera, with the shutter button at the top and the sharp and bright screen acting as a neat viewfinder.

The handy 2-megapixel camera can be started up by opening the lens cover

On the data side, you get support for GPRS and EDGE, but not 3G downloads. Nevertheless, the K550i still packs in some cool online functionality. It has a picture-blogging feature that automatically creates an online blog that you can then upload snaps to directly from the phone. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds on Web sites to keep up to date on the latest news. The wireless connectivity is reasonable too, with both Bluetooth and IrDA available for connecting the handset to a laptop.

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