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Samsung YP-T9 review: Samsung YP-T9

Typical Price: £149.00
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The Good Sleek design; video playback; OGG support; long battery life; FM radio.

The Bad Lag during navigation.

The Bottom Line A sleek, feature-packed, high-quality MP3 player with excellent battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, a great FM tuner and support for video playback

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8.3 Overall

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Samsung employs the twin weapons of Bluetooth and video playback on its YP-T9 in an attempt to blast the iPod nano out of the water. Designed for anyone interested in doing more than just listening to music on the move, this is one player destined to get some admiring looks from your friends.

At £150, our 4GB model costs around £30 more than than the equivalent Apple player (you can also get 2GB and 8GB versions), so the key question is whether the extra features are worth the extra cash.

What we love most about the YP-T9 is that it feels as good as it looks. The glossy piano-black finish is smooth and sleek, and is complemented by a matte silver edging. It's a very lightweight device that's shorter than a nano but doesn't feel cheap -- there's a tough feel to it that separates it from similar devices, such as Creative's Zen V Plus.

The four-way navigational pad is easy to operate with one hand and with practice can feel very natural. Putting the play/pause, menu, record and back functions on the sides is a good decision as it keeps the design of the front clean.


The YP-T9 is small and attractively slim

Should Samsung choose to produce a docking station in the future, the connection port is in the right place at the bottom of the player. The headphone socket and built-in microphone are located on the top, along with a small hook for a lanyard or neck-strap attachment.

Unusually, the YP-T9 features stereo Bluetooth connectivity and will happily connect to a set of Bluetooth headphones. The player discovered our nearby set of 'phones quickly and paired with them in seconds. Bluetooth is version 1.2 and sound quality is as good as a wired pair.

Also rare is the unit's support for the OGG format. This is very popular among the open-source community, and is not supported by Apple's iPod range of players. MP3-wise, you'll fit around 1,000 songs on to the 4GB of space in this unit.

Videos are supported when they're converted into Samsung's SVI video format, using the bundled software and music manager. It's a simple process that took exactly 7 minutes to convert a 4-minute video on our office machine, which uses a 2GHz Athlon 64 chip.

Photos can be transferred to the player in JPEG format and Samsung has built a very handy thumbnail preview gallery and zoom function.

The bundled media-management software, Samsung Media Manager, is easy to use -- we didn't have to read the manual to start using it.

The YP-T9 features a built-in FM radio. If you hear something you particularly like the sound of on your favourite station, one push of the record button automatically starts recording live radio into MP3 format.

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